Happy Birthday Annie

Our baby girl turned 1 and we can all hardly believe it.  We love her so but she has for sure been our hardest baby.  She still loves to be held and taken all over the house so she can open cupboards and point at all the pictures.  She likes me to sit right on the floor with her while she plays.  She isn’t very nice to her siblings and usually pushes them away when they try to hold her or sit by her.  Its pretty sad.  I’m hoping one day she will open up to them more.  Although they can really get her laughing sometimes too.  She is still a picky eater.  I think it might be because of all the sicknesses she’s had this fall.  She’s had a stomach bug 3 times, 2 ear infections, and pneumonia.  So her appetite has really come and gone quite a lot.  She loves to scatter her food all over the floor from her high chair.  It is such a joy!  She has taken to milk quite nicely from her sippy cup so as soon as we finish up the last bit of formula we’ll be saying adios to the bottle.  She loves her binkie though so we might wait until our family trip to Disneyland before we take that away.  She is saying a few words that only we probably recognize–hi, bye, ought oh (she says Ah Ah), what’s that? (all run together), woof woof, and Jesus.  She says the sounds Mama and Dada but I’m not sure she knows who we are just yet.  She has no interest in walking or even pulling up to things.  She acts completely terrified when we stand her up to things even.  The doctor seemed semi-concerned and suggested that we think about physical therapy.  We decided to give her a month to make progress with more of an effort from us.  So hopefully she will come around.  Even though she is hard and challenges our patience for sure, she really does light up our world.  Happiest birthday my sweet Annie girl.  1 year stats: 20.6 lbs (60%), 30.5 inches (85%), 19 inch head (100%).


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