Christmas 2018

Christmas Sunday kiddos!  It took Annie some warming up after handing her over to Sophie.  She was not happy about me giving her away.  Oh dear!

We had a great Christmas Eve.  The kids decorated sugar cookies for Santa.  We went to Grandma Pett’s that night.  Sophie was able to play some Christmas songs in the family talent show.  And Jack was Joseph in the nativity and was able to carry Santa’s bag which was fun.  I actually missed out on most of it because Annie had a blow out all over herself and me right after dinner.  I didn’t have any extra clothes for her or me (obviously).  So I packed her up and ran her home to bathe her and get her in clean clothes.  I got back in time to pick everyone up to come home.  That night we watched a Christmas movie and then it was off to bed.  The kids sent out their goodies for Santa and slept the night away.

Christmas morning was so fun!  We had a great time as a family.  The kids were so excited to get a new iPad for the family since our old one was 7 years old!  They were also happy when they opened the Nintendo Switch.  We had a fun morning.  That afternoon we had visits from Grandma, Grandpa and the Taylors.  We spent most of the afternoon with the Taylors eating good food, taking naps and playing games.  It was a great day.

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