December Randoms

December sickies.  Annie had an ear infection early on in December and then just 2 days later caught a stomach bug that spread to Luke, me and Dan.  Blah.  About a week later Sophie was diagnosed with strep throat.  Thankfully she was the only victim.  Towards the end of the month Luke and Annie both had a goopy eye disease for about a week.  No fun!

This year we were able to take the older kids to the Tabernacle Choir concert.  It was a fun time downtown and the music was so lovely.  The only bummer was the Sophie was starting to get sick with her strep so she wasn’t quite herself.  But we still had a great time.

First set of piggy tails.  And trying to cast spells with her new Harry Potter wand from Grandpa.

This boy melts me always.  He was all in on everything Christmas this year and it was so fun.  He also always wants to try on the kids glasses at Costco.  He looks pretty handsome.

These kids are truly great friends.  There are conflicts everyday especially between the boys.  But they do love to be together.

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