January Days

We survived January with ease this year.  It actually is usually our healthiest month of the winter for whatever reason.  Annie did get Roseola virus at the beginning of the month.  But that was about all we had go through the house.  We had a couple of big snow storms.  And Dan was able to take the kids night skiing once to enjoy it.   Luke graduated from the backpack and now is an independent skier!  So fun!  Jack played a round of basketball.  He has improved so much with his dribbling and shooting.  It was very fun to watch him excel.  I took hardly any pictures this whole month.  Oops.

This little Annie is the meanest to her siblings.  She growls when the approach her, pushes them away if they try to hug her, and in general wants nothing to do with them.  It is so sad.  So we had to document the loves she gave Sophs one day.

Sophie is the sweetest and such a helper.  She brought a whole tea party one day for her and Annie.

Our besties, the Cranes invited us to sit courtside at the BYU game one night.  It was really quite amazing and so fun.  It came with a complimentary meal before the game and unlimited snacks at halftime.  Pretty sweet hook up.

This girl in the bath!  It is like a waterpark.  Every single thing gets soaked.  It is not my favorite.

Dan and I ordered new ski goggles.  They had great reviews so we went for it.  When they came I was very excited!  Until I put them on and almost died.  The were huge.  Like over the top humungous.  Needless to say, I returned mine.  Dan’s actually looked great so it was a good find for him.

Stinker face by this little sass.

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