Spring is here…well sometimes

We have had a few beautiful days lately mixed with some not so lovely, snowy days.  But those lovely days have been wonderful, and we have enjoyed the sunshine.  We venture to the park most days to try to make Jack into a braver boy.  He is for some reason terrified of the slide.  But after a few days, I think he is starting to warm up to it.


These pics make me want to weep.  He is SO big.  He had the best time running and running and trying to escape from me trying to take his picture.


And just a few more pictures…Jack getting into one of his favorite pickles with the chair….helping Daddy work from home…and the one day he decided to dump the whole bag of goldfish on the couch.

3 Replies to “Spring is here…well sometimes”

  1. He is getting SO big. Crazy. I really love his hair. I’m glad you guys are getting some nice weather.

  2. The scowls are killers! Wait six months and you really will think he is big next to his little brother or sister. Happy almost 18 month birthday Jack. One more month until we can come play with you. We can’t wait!

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