Happy Easter

We just finished up a great Easter weekend with our families.  And the best part is that is General Conference too.  Conference was amazing.  Jack was a good boy for most of it and I would say, we heard about 80% of it.  Jack had a great Easter and was a good little egg hunter.  He, however, mostly liked the eggs once they were empty.  Now we have more candy than we can ever imagine.  But neither me nor my womb bomb are complaining about that!


Here is Jack on Easter morning.  He looks really happy-huh?  But he warmed up to his few small gifts from the Easter Bunny.


Later we went to Dans’ parents house where the Easter Bunny visited again.  Jack enjoyed helping Grandma clean up the eggs with the lawnmower.


Here is Jack cooking with Aunt Kerri.  His loves his miniature cooking set.

And here is what we woke up to on April Fool’s Day.  And this ain’t no joke…blah!


4+ inches of snow!  But we tried to make the most of it…


And we had a pretty good time for about 10 minutes until Jack’s glove fell off and sadness ensued.


His hand does look pretty cold.  Poor guy.

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  1. For a second I thought Jack had fallen asleep in that second picture at the Grossen’s. I knew that was near impossibility, so I had to take a closer look. Nope, just laying in the easter eggs. Man, I’m going to the Grossen’s next easter if you get to run around without any pants! 🙂 Jack has learned…snow is all fun and games until you actually have to touch it. Not fun!

  2. I can’t believe how many plastic eggs there are! Our candy is all gone already…I don’t think it lasted more than 5 minutes after our hunt 🙂 Jack is sure cute! I love that smile.

  3. Oh, Jack you started out the day with a scowl but sure look happy at grandma’s house with all those Easter eggs. How fun! For a second I thought you had fallen asleep on those eggs but then I saw your little grin. Your snow suit fits a little better than it did back in November Jack, Jack. You’re getting so big. Make sure all that snow is gone when we come to visit–just a couple more weeks. Yippee! Grandpa says to bring your apron when you come down here next time so you can go help him with the BBQ.

  4. Holy Moly… I love snow… for about the 2 weeks we possibly get a few inches here. I don’t envy you the new snowfall. It looks cold 🙂

    So glad you guys had a great Easter! Hm… I’d love to see pics of you too… 🙂

  5. BOOO to snow!! wow i don’t miss the crazy seasons in UT!! Glad you guys had a great Easter weekend!! and Congrats on the new little one coming, SO exciting!!!
    oh and also, tell Dan that I just found out that I am really good friends with his good high school buddy Natalie Palmer… she is in my ward out here in IOWA and just love her!! Small world

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