On the move

We are up to our elbows in boxes and packing tape currently, but we are pretty excited about our new house.  Jack doesn’t seem to notice that his current living space is coming apart piece by piece.  And he loves our new house.  He runs around like a wild man in all the open space.  Yesterday all of our new carpet was put in!  It is lovely and really makes it seem more like our own house.   We will get some photos together of the new place when we are a little more settled.  Our big move day is tomorrow so perhaps next week sometime.  For now, here are a few new Jack Jack photos.


He is currently obsessed with “blankie and monkey”  He wants to carry around his blankie always.  I try to limit it though cause I can’t imagine the germs he is collecting as it drags behind him in the kitchen and bathroom.  Gross.  He stuffed said monkey and blankie in the trash can and then climbed in himself.  Too priceless not to capture.

We went to the doctor yesterday for Jack’s 18 month appointment.  He is growing just great and loved looking at the doctor’s light that shined in his eyes, ears and mouth.


Head: 51 cm.– 100%

Length: 34.5 inches– 95%

Weight: 27.2 lbs.– 50%

3 Replies to “On the move”

  1. BIG boy. Can’t wait to see more pictures. It is so fun to transform a home into your own. With new carpet make sure Jack doesn’t own any markers for the next…well, ever!

  2. 27 pounds–how will I ever lift that? So you have given in to the blankie out of the bed huh. Does he let you put it in the washing machine once in awhile? Reminds me of the book “Owen” by Kevin Henkes. See you soon Jack, Jack. You can show me around your new house.

  3. Good thing Jack has a lot of Grossen genes in him. Cosby genes would be the exact opposite. Well, maybe not the huge dome. Your tweets might all be doomed on that one. Love you Jack, Jack! Sorry about the incident with my home decor yesterday!

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