So Long BYU

I weep at the thought that the no more people from our immediate family go to BYU.  I love it there and love every excuse to go there.  It is the best.  The end of April my youngest brother graduated.  My parents came up to celebrate.  It was fun to have them here for just a short while.  It had been 4 months since they had seen the Jack Jack.


I greatly approve of BYU changing the graduation robes to blue.  Wish that I had waited seven more years so that I could wear blue instead of black.  And I know you’re thinking the same thing, but yes, it has been seven years since I graduated from BYU.  So crazy.

On Saturday we all went to the zoo.  Dan and I bought our year long pass and can’t wait to use it again if it would ever stop snowing here.  We had a good time.  Jack was, however, more entertained by fact that he was outside rather than the animals.  Maybe he will catch on by the end of the summer…


Still no pictures of our house.  I guess I feel lazy about it since none of our pictures are hanging, but we’ll get there eventually, I think!

4 Replies to “So Long BYU”

  1. You’ll just have to wait 14 years and you can go visit Rachel at BYU 🙂
    As we were looking at this post I told Jake that Jack was really cute. He said, “but not as cute as that monkey.” Gross! Seriously.
    I totally hear you about getting the pictures on the wall. I think it took me six months. Pathetic, I know.

  2. I can’t help but laugh as I remember Jack’s laughter on that carousel every time he would come around and see us. That was a fun trip to the zoo. Who is that old wrinkled, gray-headed lady holding Jack? It’s no one I recognize. Six weeks or so until we can party again. Six BYU graduates! Still awesome every time I think about it. Way to go kids!

  3. Looking good Cosby fam! Congrats to Dustin 🙂 Amy – you look great as a prego woman!

  4. Wow (this is Ryan) I must admit that all of us look good in that picture of the 4 Cosby kids. Legends.

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