Happy Mother’s Day

Sometimes I think life is crazy.  I can’t believe that I am a mom and old enough to be one for that matter.  It was almost out of body yesterday when I opened a card from Dan and Jack that said Happy Mother’s Day.  I mean really…I am just a kid myself.  But for some reason that I am grateful for but find hard to believe, I am a mom.  And most days, I’m really not that great at it, but it is my calling, job, responsibility and opportunity.  And I love my Jack Jack.  He is the greatest kid and I am happy to his mom.  How can you not love this…


I was getting ready this morning and Jack was down in the basement playing with his toys.  I heard him coming my way and saw this and died of laughter.  Somehow he got his pants off, and attempted to put on his shoes.  He was ready to go play.  I couldn’t help but smile.

We worked in our yard all afternoon on Saturday.  You know you are homeowner when the largest deduction from your bank account the past week is from Home Depot.  And I am confident it won’t be the last!  I had a lot of fun although I must say that Dan and Richard did mostly everything.  Between being pregnant and taking care of Jack who was determined to pick all the newly poisoned dandelions, I sorta had my hands full.  But I was able to plant our garden (I hope it grows!) and dig up some weeds and dirt.  It looks 500 times better in our yard.  Too bad we didn’t do some before and after pictures.


We found a pretty good helper in the process.  His new favorite word…DIRT!


Here are just a few pictures of Jack in some of the new places he has found to play.  Love him!

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  1. Love his shoes. Love that you can be upstairs with him playing downstairs. It’s not often that a first child is that independent. Love that you are growing a garden! I am sure missing that this season.

  2. The first picture just killed me! Love that kid more than anything! And you are a great mom…don’t know what in the hades you’re talking about!

  3. Amy I feel the exact same way!!! But yeah you are an amazing mom!! Glad you had a good Mothers day! COngrats about your new home (trying real hard not to be jealous 🙂 ) and also about having a GIRL!!(i’m way behind on my congrats) I am so excited for you. Sounds like life is good!!

  4. Did I congratulate you on having a baby girl?? SO exciting! Love that you get to play in the new yard… and that snow is gone 🙂 Hm, yes. Home Depot will become your new favorite store – hard to stay away! Kelley goes there once a week or every other weekend. Jack is such a big boy and so handsome and looks so fun! We are planning a trip to Utah this summer so we’ll get to meet the little man!

  5. I cracked up when I saw that picture with the shoes and no pants on. Mr. Independent already! I love the expression on his face as well. I’m cool I know! Happy Mother’s Day you wonderful mother. I’m still too young to be a mom and for sure way to young to be a grandma. You’ll always feel that way! Life is grand!

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