Jack Time

We haven’t been up to much lately.  Just more of the same old stuff.  We have attacked our yard though since the weather has had its moments of goodness.  Even though yard work is time consuming, I sorta love it.  I find it satisfying making something look better.  And I can’t stand the dandelion infestation in our backyard so 30 minutes of weeding usually turns into 2 hours.  But Jack loves to play in the dirt and the water so we have a good time.  Here are some photos of our yard adventures.


We made it back to the zoo last weekend which was a lot of fun again.  We even saw the tigers having their morning meal which I loved.  Some people were grossed out, but Dan and I thought it was awesome!


And here are just a few more randoms…


Listening to “susic”, climbing in the swing all by himself and feeling so proud, and bubble boy.

5 Replies to “Jack Time”

  1. HE IS SOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE! I cant believe how big he is. Your house is cute! I agree with yard work..it sucks but so worth it when its done!

  2. Jack is in his element. He loves being outside. The yard looks so cute. Where’s the picture of the flowers out front? Hopefully Jack will leave the baby alone when she is in the swing in a few months. He’ll probably be tired of it by then.

  3. What a fun yard! Jack looks great! Looks like good times and I’m so glad you’re doing well 🙂

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