Say What?

This is what was going on at my house this morning!


Does anyone feel bad for me?  I mean it is May 24th.  I certainly felt bad for my little gerber daisy!

7 Replies to “Say What?”

  1. Yes I do feel bad for you!! No snow at our house, a few miles away, but none here. And beautiful house by the way!! 🙂

  2. This weather is ridiculous! I feel bad for us. I like your new house (and your red door), by the way!!

  3. That’s disgusting! What about your tomatoes? Was Jack in heaven? Weird weather patterns. You know what your dear old mom has to say. You got it, “Signs of the times.” See you soon. Make sure all that white stuff is long gone by then. Ha! Ha!

  4. Wow – what a great looking house! I need more pics! I’m so glad it’s not randomly snowing in May here! I’m definitely ready for some sun!

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