Park City

We just got back from an extended weekend stay in Park City with my family.  It was awesome and a much needed break from the norm.  We had a great time and wish it could have lasted longer like all vacations.


Jack and Ryan in Grandpa and Grandma’s walking hats.


I feel like Jack grew taller and wiser on this trip.  There is no mistaking that he is a kid and not a baby anymore.  We don’t have any type of portable eating chair for him so he just sat at the bar everyday for his meals.  Nothing made him seem older than that.


My favorite feature of the house was the balcony off the kitchen.  It had an amazing view and a great table for card playing.


Dan’s favorite feature was the theater room.  I could not get this picture to come out any lighter but you get the idea.


Jack’s favorite feature…the walk-in shower.


One day we went to Jordanelle Lake.  We all crammed into my parent’s car to avoid paying more than one entrance fee.  Looks comfy-right?  Good thing it was like one minute away.  Jack loved the water and digging in the sand/dirt.  My question is, why don’t kids ever recognize the coldness of water?  You could not have paid me enough money to get in there, but it did not ever phase him.


And here is the only proof (from my camera anyway) that I was on the trip.  The womb bomb at 28 weeks.

Thanks parentals for a good trip.  We hope it becomes a semi-frequent tradition!

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  1. I see you were busy blogging while we were driving home yesterday! What a fun place for a vacation! I loved the view, theater room and walk-in shower as well but the elevator was the most amazing thing to me–an elevator in a house–amazing! I stuck to the stairs though for added calorie burn. Ha! Ha! I’d bet we’re back there again sometime—way too fun!

  2. How fun! I’m glad you guys got a little vacation. We should totally rent that with Mike’s family when they come, that would be a blast! Jack looks older in these pictures. He is growing up fast! Can’t wait to see you on Saturday! Love you all!

  3. Fun trip! Here you are wishing to get away from the norm and I’m wishing for a little normality. Jack is super cute and I wish I could see him and Tommy play together at this age.

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