Fourth of July

What a weekend!  I decided that the best day for the 4th of July to fall on is a Sunday.  We got to celebrate for 3 days straight.  Saturday we went to the Granite community’s parade and pancake breakfast.  I forgot my camera which was lame.  But Jack loved the parade.  That afternoon we went to Grandma Pett’s for the traditional family carnival.  It was very fun.  Jack had the most fun playing in Grandma Pett’s flowerbeds.  I cannot get him away from the dirt.


That night Dan and I went to Stadium of Fire.  It was awesome.  I love fireworks.  Carrie Underwood was the performer this year and she was delightful.  I got a little misty when she sang the National Anthem and there was a fly over.  I love America.


On Sunday we had a BBQ with Dan’s fam.  We let Jack stay up until 9:30 that night (way past his bedtime!) so that we could do a few small fireworks in the street for him to see.  He hated it. He kept climbing in the stroller.  I think it is the one place he felt safe.  I hope he will warm up to fireworks because they are the best parts of the holiday!


On Monday, I went to the Provo parade with my sibs.  It was a lot of fun as well.  I love marching bands and BYU so it was the perfect place for me.  Jack was disappointed that no one threw out candy at this parade.  Later that afternoon we went to Veteran’s Park in Provo to go swimming and play on the water slides.  They don’t allow cameras  which is a bummer cause Jack had the time of this life.  That night we celebrated Kara’s birthday and Dan finally made it down after a long of day of working on installing our new wood floor.  Pictures to come when its finished!


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  1. Happy America Day! I’m glad you guys have had such a great holiday weekend. I think we need to be up there next year over the fourth. We shall see!

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