“A house divided…

against itself shall not stand.” (Matthew 12:25). We hope that isn’t true for us because there is a real division in our house and marriage that will exist until the end of time. And although we like each other very much, this one thing really is a huge barrier! LAKERS vs JAZZ!! Last night was the second meeting of the season. The first happened on January 2nd with a Laker victory. I knew last night would be tough. The Lakers are choke artists in SLC. Seriously, I have been to a lot (I think at least 5) of Laker/Jazz game in SLC in my years here, and they have won once. Last year I finally swore off going to the game cause well, I have been rudely confronted and talked to many a time, and I just can’t take it anymore. Its not healthy for me how I feel about Jazz fans after leaving the games. So I won’t be going anymore. And especially now that I am married to an uber-intense Jazz fan. I hate the conflict. I would just assume crawl in a hole and die than watch the game with Dan. Hahaha…not really, but kind of. Well last night was a great game, I guess. You see, one perk to Jack’s lack of night time sleep is that I am super tired come like 9 pm, and so I fell asleep in the 3rd quarter. But I woke up on the couch to Dan talking to Mills. He sounded way too happy and I knew that meant the Lakers lost. So the season record is 1-1. We’ll see what the playoffs bring this season. I dread a Lakers/Jazz series. But know it is a likely possibility. We shall see… But one question for you, who do you think Jack will love? All I know is we have definitely already caused a conflicted child, and we have the pictures to prove it. If he loves mommy, he will love Kobe. If he loves Daddy, he will love AK-47 (just kidding, D-Will). Do you think he has hope of being normal being pulled in each direction? I hope so…


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  1. I should add that this started from the beginning. The morning we were to be married, Amy came knocking on my door dancing around with the Los Angeles paper saying Derek Fisher had left the Jazz to go to the Lakers. The hardships of marriage had already started and we weren’t even married yet.

  2. Look at Jack’s face in the picture. “Why the crap is my dad holding up his finger as if the Jazz were number one?”

  3. Amy, you are home with him….I can so see some brainwashing happening here while Dan is working! Cant help any of you…we arent basketball fans. Now baseball….lol

  4. This was a great entry Ame! I thought of Dan when I heard that the Jazz won. I knew he would be very happy. We need to get Jack a purple Laker’s jersey/t shirt. One of those things in a marriage where you just agree to disagree.

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