Someone is in love…

Jack has been enamored with his daddy lately.  Randomly during the day he will stop and say “Daddy?  Love him.”  It is really cute.  And when Dan gets home from work Jack turns into a crazy man until bedtime.  Tonight he walked up to Dan and put his head on Dan’s shoulder and said “I love you.”  They are best buddies.  And here are a few photos for proof.


Playing in the sprinklers, having a chat, reading stories and wearing Daddy’s beanie while reading his “gorman” (Jack’s word for Book of Mormon).  He is obsessed with the “gorman” lately and wants to look for all the different colors where we have highlighted along with pictures of the “hona” (Liahona), “Oni” (Moroni), and temples.


Just had to include this one from today.  I kept telling Jack to please sit down.  After about the 5th try, I decided to get out the camera and immediately he said “Smile, cheese.”  He is a funny guy.  But I thought it also gave our readers a great look at our new table and Jack’s flip flop tan.  We’ve had a fun summer outside.

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  1. GREAT pictures! My kids love their daddy too. It’s fun to see them have such a great relationship! It’ll be fun to see Dan with a Daddy’s girl too 🙂

  2. Oh cute! I love that he is already reading his scriptures! 🙂 Can’t wait to meet the new baby girl Grossen.

  3. That kid will be speaking in full sentences before I get back up there. What’s Jack going to do when winter hits? Poor boy! Live it up while you can little Jack, Jack! Thanks for being such a good daddy Dan.

  4. Haha – Kerri’s comment made me laugh out loud – so true.

    That is so sweet Jack loves his daddy!

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