By a pure miracle we got tickets to the BYU game last minute on Saturday.  We had chosen this to be our one for sure game to go to this year since it was not going to be on a channel that we have.  It seemed like it just wasn’t going to work out though.  But Uncle Mike pulled through for us.  And we had the best time.  It was a super intense game.  And we just happened to be in the visitors section which always makes things exciting!  The Cougs came out victorious which I was not expecting.  And we were super happy about it.  Jack has fully embraced BYU as we knew he would.  And even treated our ward to a little “Rah, Rah, Rah, Rah, Rah, Rah…Go Cougars!” during the Sacrament at church on Sunday.  Not a bad cheer, I must admit, but maybe bad timing.


I know, I know…I am not in my usual Cougar attire.  I feel just as sick about it as all of you.  But I tried to wear a neutral pink and please remember that I am one week away from baby #2 and have no BYU clothes that fit.  And speaking of baby #2, I thought going to this game would maybe make something start to happen in the labor department.  And I was pretty uncomfortable the whole game.  But I woke up Sunday good as new.  So, for now, she is stuck!

A side note, Ker got me a ticket to the John Mayer concert on August 31st.  Um…he is an amazing musician.  Love him.  He spoke of a few questionable things in between the songs, but I still think he is the bomb.  Here is our photo to document our outing since supposedly no cameras were allowed inside.  Thanks Ker…it has completed my concert life…for now.


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  1. Oh man- I am sad I missed Jack’s cheer in church! We can’t wait for your new little babe to arrive 🙂

  2. Amy, I can’t believe you only have one week left. It will be so fun to have another little one around. Especially a girl. They are lots of fun. I can’t believe how big Jack is. It seems like just yesterday you were pregnant with him and still working at R-Kids. I am glad you got to go to the game and to bad it didn’t help you have the baby. I think the game and walking to and from the stadium is what helped put me into labor with Kelson. R-kids is having our 25th aniverary party on the 27th. Good Luck with everything. We will have to get together when you are feeling better after the baby.

  3. Hilarious! Way to go Jack! Did you thrust your fist forward too? Very fun day! I’m glad GG didn’t come early so you could attend the concert. I thought of you that day and knew you would be so happy not to have to miss it. You owe that girl big time. Ha! Ha! But now all the must-dos have passed so come on little GG we want to meet you!

  4. I went to a BYU game on my due date with Rachel. I was hoping the same thing would happen. I’m glad you got to go. It sure is hard not getting the games to watch on TV. I’m happy that Jack is a true fan…GO COUGS!

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