Where have we been…

So I have already had a blogging drought.  Sorry to my faithful readers…or more like viewers cause I know Jack photos are the big draw here.  But anyway, it is hard to blog when you feel like nothing new has happened really.  We are still doing the same old, but good, thing.


Jack is growing big and reaching for everything.  He loves to feel and eat everything in sight.  Thanks for the Valentine’s card Grandma…it tasted really good!


This is how he spends a lot of his time, but he just hasn’t made it over yet.  Yesterday his hips were on the ground, but he just couldn’t get his shoulder out to flip completely over.  The day is fast approaching.  But I have thought that for well over a month now so who knows!


He thought he was pretty funny when his onesie got stuck on his head last night.  He is so cute and we just love him.

Dan and I were able to go out two nights in row this weekend.  On Friday night we went to the temple and on Saturday to our ward party that was a dinner for adults only.  We feel so lucky to have family near by that are always willing to play with the babe.  It is the greatest blessing.  Especially when Alyson told us of a girl in Bountiful who said she will not get paid less than $15/hr. for babysitting.  Say what?  I would be like see you in a half hour when we are back with our fast food and red box movie and we still will owe you 7 bucks.  I will never get that.  I didn’t even get paid that much at the daycare where I worked for 5 years.  Sorry 14 years olds…but that is absurdness.

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  1. Jack is cute! Im so glad you guys got to go out on 2 dates! YAY! The more kids…the harder to find a babysitter. (at least for us)

  2. I also could not believe about the babysitter who refused to work for less than $15/hour. Back in my day I would just make $5 for the whole night…I got jipped! Jack is the cutest and I love him to death!

  3. Good for you for getting out, and taking advantage of family. Our saving grace here is swapping with other parents. Because I’m a cheapskate…I refuse to pay more than $5. Afterall, they’re getting paid to watch TV. Jack is getting cuter and cuter. I can’t wait to see him!

  4. Haha, I love how you apologized for the “drought” I just did a new post on my blog today for the first time in exactly TWO months! Although it’s not as exciting as yours, but I did have a huge drought. haha

  5. Jack’s waiting for Janniecakes and Podge to arrive! He doesn’t want us missing out on all accomplishments. Fun times are ahead that’s for sure. One day he’ll roll over and the next he’ll be going off to kindergarten. Have fun being parents. We love that boy!

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