Baby Girl

Wooooooohooooooo! We have a new baby in the family! The Grossens are now four!

This is Dan taking over for Amy while she’s out of commission for the next little while. So if you are already disinterested go ahead and scroll down to the pics. Anyway, it all started Thursday morning, after Amy had her weekly doctor visit. The doctor was thinking it would be best to induce. So we scrambled all day long getting everything ready, while still hoping that maybe the baby could still come on her own. Amy was real nervous about being induced, but it turned out great! You see, good ol Jack took something like +24 hours to come. This time around it took almost 4 hours.

At hour 3 I was still working on the computer along Amy’s bedside and it was looking like we still had a long way to go. Then about 45 minutes later, Amy was in a lot of pain, again. (note- she was also in a lot of pain for the first two hours while her epidural was unhooked! The doc forgot that important part). I turned off my computer and tried to help her out. Ten minutes later the doctor showed up and to our surprise the baby was knockin’ on the door, ready to come out. A few minutes later, this beautiful baby girl was born:


Mom and baby are doing great. So is Jack. We were told Jack woke up from his nap today in tears. Maybe it’s because he realized his world, his place at the top, would be shattered or changed forever! But you know, a good friend helped me realize this tidbit of wisdom- family love doesn’t diminish with size, it increases! Jack is still Jack and he’s already had a fun time giving sister “noses” and tickling her feet! I can already see them scheming up trouble and adventure.

So all that is left now is giving this lil’ lady a name…look for that and more pictures in the next blog post!

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  1. What a beautiful family! Seems like yesterday I saw you and Jack in a similar room 😀 Congratulations! Can’t wait to hear her name!

  2. Wow! That is AWESOME! She is BEAUTIFUL! I am sure Jack will just love her. What a cute family. I am so excited for you. Thanks for the pictures.

  3. Very cute! Everyone was right–she does look like Jack but the bow and spiky hair set her apart. Ame I think you have a little competition in the blogging department. Danno, you have now entered your second blog post. You do a great job as well. You all look great. Four hours is a lot better than 27 isn’t it!!!!! Can’t wait to see you all tomorrow–I’ll be there by game time hopefully! Love you all!

  4. Yay – we are so excited for you!! You look beautiful in those pics. Baby Girl looks adorable. (Dan & Jack look good too – don’t want to leave them out 🙂 I’m SO glad the induction worked for you! Hooray for new babies!

  5. Congrats you guys. She is beautiful. Such a fun exciting time for you. It brings back memories from when we were the ones having the babies. Time sure passes in a flash. Enjoy those kids.

  6. Oh she is adorable, congrats!

    As a side note, it is really weird that we have the same blog theme. Clearly we should be bestest friends.

  7. Congratulations! You all look great, I love the new foursome. Amy your look great for just going through a delivery, and I’m sure it was nice to have it go much quicker. She and I almost got to share a birthday. Jack looks like a pround brother. Dan’s new father smile is great. Thanks for the blog and photos. I can’t wait to see you all. Her eyes are just like Jack’s, but beautiful, rather than handsome.

    A new granddaughter, notice on a big Boeing deal win, and a great hike through Zion’s Subway. It was a great day.

    Tuning in from the ranch in Cedar City at 9000 feet.


  8. Yay! She is so dang adorable 🙂 I cannot believe your epidural was unhooked- they should give you your money back! We can’t wait to meet little Sophie 🙂

  9. HOORAY!! She is beautiful. I am so excited for your whole family 😉 Amy, you seriously don’t look like you went through labor. Maybe you should have messed up your hair a little or something. I can’t wait for new pictures of the little gal. I hope she is sleeping a little better than Mr. Jack did at first!

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