2 weeks and sibling love

Little Sophs is now 2 weeks old.  It is getting to the point where I can’t remember life without her.  She has just fit right in with us.  I feel like she is huge.  But we went for her 2 week visit on Friday and she is just about the same as she was at birth.  Here are her stats:  8 lbs. 7 oz. (75%), 20.5 inches (75%), 38 cm head (90%).  She is just a healthy little girl.  She is waking up two times a night to be fed and falls back to sleep pretty easily.  I am getting a little anxious to put her in her own room because I feel like she is becoming a louder sleeper with occasional squeaks and grunts.  But for the most part, I cannot complain about the sleeping.  It took us 3+ months to get Jack to 2 feedings a night so I feel like she is glorious!  She does have a bit of a fussy streak in the evenings from about 6-9.  It seems like the only thing she wants is to be fed.  I try to get her to wait 2 hours during that time, but sometimes give in just to appease her.  She is a great little lady!


Jack is becoming more enamored with his sister.  We ran an errand this weekend and Dan stayed home with the babe.  While we were driving Jack kept saying “Sophs?  Sophs?”  He missed his little back seat partner.  He is taking more interest in where she is and now has an almost daily interaction with her–patting her head, sharing his stories or blankie, and rocking her in the bouncer.


Jack’s favorite time to be a helper is when Sophie is taking a bath.  He makes sure to give her all his toys  and practically sits in the little tub with her.  I think they will like bath time together coming up here in just about 6 months.  Speaking of the bath, this little girl did not even cry her first time in the real bath.  I thought that was pretty miraculous.


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  1. There’s nothing better than watching your kids interact! Katelyn too has these spurts of hunger, or is it that I’m just to lazy to rock, but I feed her every hour sometimes…somewhat exhausting.

  2. Oh, how fun! Sophie’s looks are changing–She’s growing up already and not looking like a newborn anymore. Glad to hear that Jack is such a helper. I thought he might be a little disappointed that he didn’t get all the attention anymore but true to Jack form, he is awesome. I love the bathtub shot!

  3. Oh, Jack is such a good big brother. You have two great kids and I love them both. Can’t wait to celebrate Jack’s birthday tomorrow with all of you. Love you and see you then!

  4. That is fabulous Jack is such a little helper with Sophie. They are so cute and looks like fun times with 2 kids!

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