Birthday Boy

Jack is 2.  It is in some ways unbelievable.  And in other ways, it seems like he’s been around forever.  We hope he had a fun birthday.  He sure liked all the visitors that came for his party (even if he was a little grumpy…sorry everyone…he is 2 after all).  We love our little man.


These are the monkey cupcakes I attempted to make.  They came out pretty good.  Jack thought they looked like monkeys.  We met Dan for lunch.  I asked Jack if he wanted a sandwich (Subway) or fries and chicken (Chick-fil-A).  He said chicken and I think it made his day!


This is Jack’s new truck.  He loves it.  Thanks Grandma and Grandpa.


We had waffles and bacon for dinner (Jack’s favorite) and then opened presents.  He was better this year at opening his gifts and said “Oh wow…Look at that!” for everything.  Dan surprised Jack (and mommy) with a Jazz t-shirt for Jack.  We’ll see if he ever wears it since I am the one who always gets him dressed!  Ha!  Sophie was content for awhile in her bouncer and then hit her fussy period for the night and spent quality time in a lot of peoples’ arms!  Thanks everyone for your help!  Jack was more interested in the ice cream than the cupcakes even though he had been asking to have a cupcake all day!

Yesterday I took Jack to the doctor.  And just for journaling sakes here are his stats at 2 years!  30 lbs (75%), 36 inches (85%), 51 cm. head (100%).  So they say that if you double your 2 year old height, that is how tall you will be when you are fully grown…so we have 6 foot kid coming our way.  I will weep when he is that big!  And at least his head didn’t grow anymore since his 18 month visit…but it is still the biggest head around!  He is a smarty pants…that’s why.

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  1. He is a smarty pants! I saw those cupcakes in my simple and delicious magazine…they turned out so cute! I love your cute family 🙂

  2. It looks like we missed out on a fun birthday party! Thanks for sharing it with us! Jack got his Jazz shirt. Way to go Dan! The cupcakes are real cute Ame!

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