Nephew Time

I am super happy to say that I am an aunt again!  Wahoo!  Ryan and Kara welcomed little Isaac into the family last night.  Me and the kiddos went and saw him this morning.  He is so cute!  I love him and think he looks a lot like Ryan’s newborn picture.  It made me realize how much Sophie has grown already!  She is 4 weeks today and seemed like a giant compared to that sweet little man.  Love it and can’t wait for the cousins to grow up and be best buddies.


And here are just a few other shots of my kids.


Jack is super excited for Halloween even though I’m not sure he knows what that means.  He loves the “pumpins”.  Don’t you love his Halloween shirt?  Pretty cute.  Sophie is getting bigger and more alert.  She is become a more efficient eater which makes her and me happy.  She still likes to fuss at night but is pretty good during the day.  She is still waking up twice at night to eat, but has become a tad bit more difficult to put back to sleep.  Her grunting and squeaks have become louder and wee bit more obnoxious (sorry!) so here’s to hoping we find a bed we like this weekend for Jack so that we can start that transition.  Her spitting up is improving I would say.  Although she still has big spit ups about every other day.  They seem to be caused by her laying down in any position after eating.  I am, however, cutting dairy out of my diet to see if that helps her at all.  I really miss my bowl of cereal in the morning.  Perhaps I’ll try soy milk, but I haven’t been brave enough yet.

3 Replies to “Nephew Time”

  1. There’s my three babies. Thanks for keeping us up to date Ame! Sophie does look so much bigger already. Happy 4 week birthday Sophie girl. Oh, Jack, Jack we’re so excited we’ll get to see you on Halloween. We love our family!!!

  2. ha I love that you said sorry after saying her noises were obnoxious 🙂 I accidentally told Caleb to stop being a jerk the other day. haha

  3. Wow, that is amazing how much bigger Sophie looks. It’s crazy how fast they grow without you even realizing it. Crongrats to Ryan and Kara, that is absolutely wonderful!!! Tommy was a major grunter in his sleep and he ended up in the closet 🙂 THANK GOODNESS Kate is not…there’s just no where to put her. I’ve also tried to take milk out of my diet, but I feel like now I have to have it even more!

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