Rough Night


This girl gave me a run for my money last night.  I saw every hour of the night except the 3s.  I guess I should be grateful for the 3s.  When I went to get her this morning, I unwrapped her to find this.  She was having just as rough of a time, I guess.  It reminded me of another kid I know…


…my kids are wild sleepers…unfortunately.


I’ve been trying out some of Sophie’s bows the last couple of days.  I think it makes her look older…sigh.


I went down to visit the Cosby’s today.  I can’t get enough of little Isaac.  He is precious beyond compare.  And him and Sophs enjoyed some quality floor time together today.  Ryan has been trying to convince me that it is time for Jack to start watching movies.  I told him that I am not opposed, but that he just can’t sit still that long.  I have tried.  So he decided that during lunch him and Jack would watch Lion King.  It is, after all, an all time Disney classic.  Well, as you can see, Jack was really enthralled.  But it only lasted 22 minutes.  That is about all he is good for.   But it did provide for some quality uncle/nephew bonding time.  Thanks guys for letting us come and invade.  Hope we can play again soon.

4 Replies to “Rough Night”

  1. That is pretty hilarious that they both somehow got their arm out while wrapped up. You have some cute kids! Sophie is growing up fast! Congrats to Ryan and Kara for there first kid. How fun for a new cousin. Love you all! Talk to you soon!

  2. Jack, you really need to work on this TV viewing thing! Very important! These are the cutest cousins I have ever seen! Kiss, kiss, and kiss each one!

  3. How fun, someone to hang out with! Jack, your Uncle Ry went for a 8-hour cartoon watching (Care Bears) spree when he was two and half. Grandpa and Grandma were painting your mommy’s new bedroom. Maybe you’ll get into it in another 6 months! I love Sophie with the purple flower bow. She does look so big next to Isaac. Wish we lived closer!

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