View from my backyard

Fall is here and the colors are amazing.  Every fall I think it couldn’t be more beautiful outside.  The temperatures are ideal right now.  High 60s/low 7os during the day.  I feel like it is a little piece of heaven before the long and dreaded winter comes.  And I know it is coming faster than I care to recognize.  But alas, here are  few photos that don’t even come close to doing it justice!


I know I would in trouble if I didn’t include at least one photo of the kiddos.  So here they are in their Sunday best.  This is Jack’s first time holding Sophie.  He was really unsure and by the end, attempted to push her off.  But I am happy we captured it.


Daddy/daughter time is sometimes stressful cause this little lady likes to be fussy in the evenings when Dan is home so I was glad to snap a few shots of happier times.


5 Replies to “View from my backyard”

  1. I miss Utah in the fall, that’s for sure!!! I love that Sophie is all dressed up for church. Kate went in pjs 🙂

  2. Beautiful! Save some color for us to see. Nine days and counting! We can’t wait to kiss those babies! We love the updates. I love the shot of Dan copying his daughter. She’s all girl already–striking a pose.

  3. Utah is beautiful… I appreciate it far more now than I did when I was living there 🙂

    The kiddos are adorable. Isn’t it so fun to dress up little girls for church?? Sophie looks beautiful!

  4. If you need someone to come walk the floor with Sophie while you are working on dinner – call me! It’s been a few years, but I think I might remember how…I remember the “stressful dinner preparing, listening to crying baby & taking care of toddler all at the same time stage” and it was exhausting! Call if you are at your wits end and I’ll be there pronto!!! Love you!

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