Here a few photos from the past week.


Jack has been obsessed recently with getting into the pantry…not my favorite!  On this morning he decided to share some of his findings with his sister.  He was so proud of himself.


We had our ward Halloween party this past weekend.  We had to convince Jack that it was ok to put on his Elmo costume.  He fought us putting it on, but once he saw himself in the mirror, he was convinced that it was awesome.  He had fun trick or treating to the different rooms and loved the candy.  Although the first thing he wanted was the pretzels.  Sophie hung out in her car seat almost the whole time.  She is not dressed up because I am a lame mom and not that great at Halloween.  But I think I sorta captured a smile.  She gave me her first smile on Friday.  She is so cute.


And we’re glad the potty is being used for something…sippy storage…since it hasn’t received much use for its real purpose.   We’re hoping to change that sometime soon…when I feel braver.  And yes…Jack really is still that drooly.  We hope it ends when all of his eye teeth are in…just 2 more to go.

6 Replies to “Randoms”

  1. Very cute little Elmo, Jack, Jack! I love Sophie in her pink sweater. Fun times are ahead with the pottie chair. Don’t stress yourself out about it. I finally figured out with the third child that when they are ready it basically happens overnight (even if they are almost four years old). Just a few more days until I can hug and kiss my babies!!!!!

  2. Love it!! Jack is too funny! And, I kinda wish I had a car seat baby. Having an infant in NYC is sure tricky.

  3. Ha ha I love it. Jack is great. He could entertain me all day. Hopefully those teeth will grow in fast! Love his Elmo costume! Can’t wait to see you all again soon!

  4. Love the Elmo costume! Sophie is a doll… can’t wait to meet the angel! Sure hope those teeth come soon, although when the 2-year molars (?) come there is more drooling. Seoul has just started when she constantly chews on her fingers. Ergh.

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