We had a great Halloween weekend.  Jack really loved trick-or-treating around our neighborhood even though it was rainy, windy and cold!  I planned to go with him and Dan for at least a little while, but couldn’t bring myself to bring Sophs out in that cold weather.  So I missed all of his excitement.  Sad!  But Dan says he was in LOVE with it, saying “Next house” as soon as the candy was dropped in his bucket.  I can’t wait to join them next year.  Since Sophie lacked a costume, I pulled out Jack’s old Halloween pjs from when he was her age.  At least the pink binkie makes her look like a girl!


Jack’s love for trick-or-treating did not carry over into pumpkin carving sadly.  He wanted nothing to do with it.  So Dan and I had a fun afternoon carving pumpkins and I think they turned out awesome!


This weekend we were also able to bless Sophie.  She was an angel baby during the blessing, and Dan said when he opened his eyes after the blessing, she was looking up smiling.  So cute.  I think it is pretty ironic cause she is a much fussier baby than Jack but remained content during her blessing.  Jack, on the other hand, was a pretty easy going guy as a baby and he cried the whole way through.  Love it.


While my parents were here this weekend, we decided it was time for a new family picture since 3 grandbabies have come since the last one was taken.  I think they turned out lovely considering it was Kerri’s tripod doing all the work.


And lastly, we made the transition to big boy bed last night.  I felt so nervous about it and almost decided at the last minute to put it off one more night.  But I’m glad we were brave.  We did our normal night time routine, said goodnight, shut the door and never heard or saw him all night.  He even sat in his room singing and talking this morning until I came to get him.  The same held true for his nap this afternoon.  I can’t believe it and feel so grateful.  Hopefully it will continue.


7 Replies to “Halloween”

  1. Your pumpkins are AMAZING! I just can’t comprehend how you do it! I love Jacks face with his hand inside the pumpkin and HURRAY for the big boy bed. I’m so glad he did so well. Perfect timing!!

  2. Very funny shot of Jack with his hand in the pumpkin. I notice though he has his prized pine cone in his other hand. That’s why he’s crying–he wanted to be playing with his pine cone. He makes a great Elmo and little Sophie in her Halloween clothes makes her look even more like her big brother. What a blessed moment that Jack stayed in his bed, even if he is sleeping on it sideways. Great family photos!

  3. It sort of makes me the saddest that I wasn’t there for the blessing photos. Can you send me a pic of Sophie in her dress? I love your babies so much!

  4. I love you pumpkins. You guys did a great job. And the family pictures are so cute. Look at all those cute little babies.

  5. Isn’t Halloween with kiddos the most fun? Not because of the parental candy tax (haha) but because they are SO into it?!

    Your pictures look great!

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