Honeymoon is over

Just as I supposed, but not what I wanted, Jack and the big boy bed have taken a slight turn for the worse.  He has ended up in the Pack N Play 3 of the last 4 naptimes.  He is having a hard time staying in his room.  And I mean like coming out after I have put him back like 30 seconds later.  Oh well, he still seems to be doing ok at night.  He has never come out of his room, but he has learned how to turn on the lamp which led to this one night…


Perhaps we should cut back on the number of books we keep in his room.  He could be up for hours potentially.  But at least he crawled back in bed to go to sleep.  So anyway, we are in a learning stage here which can lead to frustrating times, but we still love him.  And how could not with this lovely face…


Ok…the boogers are DISGUSTING.  Had no idea his nose was like that!  But Lucky Charm milk and marshmallow smeared all over your face is pretty fun and colorful!  Don’t worry, the Lucky Charm treat of a breakfast only comes after he has had something more “healthy”, much to his chagrin.

We have been enjoying lovely weather the last few days.  It was 70 on Saturday so we hit up the zoo perhaps for the last time this season.  We scored some free carousel and train ride tickets so Jack was living the dream.  And who knew it was so hard to capture a decent carousel picture?  This is the best one and it is still so blurry and not centered at all!


Pretty hard to capture a decent family train picture too, apparently!

And then there’s this little lady.


She’s adorable beyond compare. She is smiling and talking a lot more which is fun.  She has been a much happier baby lately during the day which is joyous.  Her evenings are getting better, but still leave something to be desired.  And her nights are about the same 3-4 wakings, twice to eat, despite being moved to her own room which has never been the sleep cure-all for my kids.  We are tired, but loving her.


5 Replies to “Honeymoon is over”

  1. Tommy is sleeping in a pack n play for his nap right now because of the same issue. One week without naps…what else can you do? One thing I really miss about the kids sharing a room was Rachel turning on her light to read her books. Sophie is getting SO big!

  2. Oh, the fun times of transitioning to a big bed. I must say I love the independence and the joy it brings the kids to be big and get ouut of bed on their own. However, sometimes the process of getting them to stay there is a little tiring. Good job Amy!

    Sophie is a cutie! Did I ever tell you I think her name is adorable??

  3. Amy & Dan…It is so fun to see pictures of your babies. They are absolutely darling and it brings back so many memories of when our guys were at that stage. I promise you that it does get easier once you start sleeping 4 hour stretches. We wish we were closer so our boys could see there 2nds cousins!! With love!! Sarah, Troy, Henry & Arthur

  4. Sorry I haven’t checked the blog this week. Life has been crazy busy! Oh, Jack, Jack, the independent life style is a big adjustment. The green nose is a bit much but we love you and can’t wait to spend some more time together little buddy! I feel like Sophie looks like she is six months old, just like a little lady with that couch shot. Sweet baby girl! Love you guys!

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