Look Alikes

Here’s just a few photos from the week.


I busted out this old toy for the lady.  She was entertained by all the colors.  But not nearly as entertained as her brother.  He loves it and always wants Sophs to have her “swing set” as he calls it.


She’s getting bigger each day and is starting to love to suck her hands.  She is starting to give us grief again at night right when we thought she was settling into a good pattern.  That’s how it always works.  I fear that letting her cry through a waking might be right around the corner.


This boy is always into something and about 50 % of the time it is something that he knows he shouldn’t be playing with.  This day I was feeding Sophie and heard him say “Ought oh!”  That is never a good sign.  And then he appeared before me soaked all the way through and smelling like cleaner.  I rushed into the kitchen thinking a bottle of 409 would be spilled everywhere.  Well…it wasn’t that bad…just all the Swiffer refills pulled out…but that is still pretty bad.


Anything that is the size and look of a cell phone is a cell phone to Jack.  And on this morning he thought he would share the phone call with his sister.  Pretty cute.


We’ve heard a few times lately that Sophie doesn’t look much like Jack.  Well, I have always thought they look alike and here’s the proof.  I open these photos of Jack at 2 months and I can’t get over the similarities.  She is just going to turn into a girl version of her older brother.  And that’s ok by me.

3 Replies to “Look Alikes”

  1. It’s really fun to have babies a week apart. I read your blog and I feel like I’m reading my thoughts…the sucking hands, the night troubles, etc.

  2. Oh Jack Jack you are hilarious! And little Sophs is adorable. And I agree with you that Sophie looks like Jack. You have some cute kiddos! Love you all and see you on Thanksgiving! Can’t wait!

  3. It’s very fun to see Jack so involved with his sister. Sophie truly is a girl Jack. Oh, the joys of infants and their sleep patterns. The Grossen mold has been cut–boy or girl. They are the cutest ever!

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