It’s that time of year

…when we freeze our tails off!  It has been crazy cold the last couple of days.  But Jack and Sophie are loving it…


Jack lasted way longer than I thought he would…at least 40 minutes.  And Sophie thinks her hats are pretty great except for when then creep down over her eyes.  Not her favorite.


The lady is definitely becoming more interactive and has given us a few laughs recently.  She especially loves her Daddy which is no surprise.


Check out that picture!  I was so happy when I got it!  She looks soooo cute!

3 Replies to “It’s that time of year”

  1. I’ve heard about the temperatures you are getting there. Which means I really shouldn’t complain about how cold it is here. Sophie is super cute and I wish that Tommy and Jack could play in the snow together!

  2. Very cute lady in purple. She definitely is showing her little personality. We can’t want to interact with this little lady. And our little Jack, Jack, finally fitting into your oompah loompah snow outfit. Remember when he wore that last year and looked like a munchkin? That’s amazing he would last so long in that cold–He’s your boy Danno. You can be proud! Enjoy all that snow!

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