September wrap up


Annie turned 9 months old.  She was causing a little trouble around her 9 month birthday…refusing to eat food or drink her bottle, sick tummy, yucky diapers and on and on.  I was convinced that she was developing some allergies because of our family history.  It was an exhausting time.  But slowly she turned a corner.  Maybe it was just some stubbornness about turning 9 months old.  She is slowly starting to get around.  She can get down onto her tummy from sitting and back to sitting from her tummy.  She reaches far and then scoots her bum along so she can get around slowly.  She is still a serious girl and is starting to prefer mom or dad over anyone else.  She has a wicked scream when she wants to be heard.  She loves Luke the most.  She loves to be outside.  She can wave bye bye, says “Ah” anytime she drops somethings, loves to scattered all the food on her tray onto the ground and is really getting the hang of the sippy cup.  We love her!  9 month stats: 18.6 lbs (50%), 30 inches (100%), 18 inch head (100%).

We bought a piano.  It is very fun and has led to a lot more piano playing in our house.  It came with an insane amount of cardboard boxes!

Sophie had her first piano recital.  She played the theme from Beauty and the Beast.  She did awesome!  She is loving piano so much and really is so good at it!

Watching Cora and Porter during a football game.  Porter was not excited about going to bed so he hung out with me until his mom and dad got home.

I don’t remember what this tantrum was about.  But isn’t his face the cutest and his eyes are so amazing?  Love him.  We went to the zoo one morning with our friends.  Luke is still obsessed with taking pictures at all the statues!

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Jack is 10!

How did our boy reach double digits?!  I can hardly believe it.  He is growing up into such a great kid.  He has matured a lot in this last year.  For the most part he is good to his siblings, loves to play with Baabaas (Annie), loves all things video games, riding his bike and playing with his friends.  But he still loves to play Beanie Boos with Sophie and watch My Little Pony.  Jack is loving 4th grade and is excelling.  He loves to get wrapped up in a good book.  He is starting to love all of the Avengers movies which makes Dan so happy.  He has started doing his own laundry which is quite delightful.  He is a good boy and I’m so proud of him.  For his birthday this year we took some of his friends to Boondocks which they loved.  And the next day on his real birthday we went to sushi for dinner and had apple pie for dessert.  It was perfect for him.  10 year old stats: 76 lbs (80%), 58 inches (95%).

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Fremont Weekend

We were able to travel with our best ward friends down the Fremont to visit our other best ward friends who moved there this summer.  It was such a fun getaway.  We love it there.  Our kids absolutely love hiking in Capitol Reef.  This trip we hiked along a little river bed to a waterfall that had a fun slide the kids could down.  The rest of the trip we hiked around Fish Lake and rode on the ATVs.  The fall colors were amazing up there.  We have such a fun time every time we go.  I wish we could go every weekend!  We love our awesome friends!

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Happy Birthday Sophie

I love this sweet Sophie girl!  She is kind, smart, helpful, responsible, talented and ambitious.  She is the best there is.  Sometimes I get sad because I think she gets a little overlooked in our family of 4 kids because she is so easy, so content and so self-motivated.  But I hope she knows how loved she is!  And I can’t believe that she is 8!  For her party she wanted a Beanie Boo Adoption Party.  So we invited friends and cousins over and did just that.  It was fun to see the kids decorate their houses and animal collars.  She had a long list of things she wanted for her birthday.  But we surprised her with a new bike and she loves it.  In fact, almost every afternoon since we have gone out so that she can ride around the neighborhood.  She requested Texas Roadhouse for dinner which was fun for everyone.   Annie loved eating a whole roll.  Sophie at 8 is loving school, learning so fast at the piano, loves to dance and play soccer.  She is a busy girl with many activities.  I don’t know how to limit them because she is good at all of them!  She is a great big sister and best friends with Jack and Luke.  She helps with Annie (when Annie will let her without throwing fits for mom!).  She loves to draw and color.  She is becoming an expert reader and get into a good book pretty deep.  She often sits down at the piano to play and practice all on her own.  She is super excited to get baptized in a couple of weeks.  And we are so proud of all that she does and the sweet person she is.  8 year old stats: 57.8 lbs (50%), 51.5 inches (75%)

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Idaho Weekend

We’ve made it a tradition to go to visit Deeds, Kimmy and Lynlea over Labor Day weekend.  So we headed up there on Friday.  Annie was a dream in the car.  We rolled in at about 10 pm that night.  And we woke up early on Saturday morning to head to Yellowstone.  I had never been to the Mammoth Hot Springs so that was the only thing on the agenda.  It was a long beautiful drive.  It was a chilly 33 degrees outside.  But the hot springs were amazing.  It was totally worth it.  After that we let Deeds lead us on an adventure.  I was a little disappointed in the amount of animals we saw this time around.  But it is still such an amazing place.  The rest of the weekend we just chilled.  Deeds smoked us a brisket.  On Monday we went to the Eastern Idaho State Fair again which is was fun.  We sure love all that fried food!  It was a great week.  We love those Idaho Cosbys!


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August Randoms

This baby!  She is growing up so much.  She had her first ear infection in August which was sad.  While she was so stuffy she started sticking out her tongue in the funniest way.  We tried to capture it but weren’t super successful.  She is done with naps at church.  The last time I tried she grabbed the car seat cover and pulled it down to peak out.  She is besties with Cora.  Although Cora is way more mobile than her and loves to come and steal her binkie out of her mouth.  Ha!  She still is not crawling.  She reaches so far from a sitting position and rocks back and forth but still won’t get on her knees.  She’s such a funny girl.

This boy is so excited to be Spiderman for Halloween.  Thank you Costco for putting out your costumes in August.  Also one day he came into my room fully dressed in snow gear.  I am personally not ready for that yet!

My mom was in town for a week in August.  We went to the gardens at Thanksgiving Point and enjoyed a nice stroll.  Cute cousins!

All Sophie has wanted since Annie was born was to match her.  I finally found matching dresses and she was SO excited.  Such cute sisters!

Matching chalk drawings.  Love these little artists.

Another round of soccer is in the books.  Jack’s team was undefeated this season.  They were so fun to watch!  And Sophie scored in nearly every game.

This little buddy had his first cavity filled.  And he was awesome.  He never even flinched and just sat there calmly.  He really is the best kid ever.  I had one filled on the same day so we were numb faces together.

These 4 kids!  I love them so, so much.

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First Day of School

Back to school!  Hooray!  We had such a fun summer that this day really came too fast.  Jack and Sophie were both kind of bummed.  But they came around after the first day when they saw their friends again.  Sophie is in second grade with Mrs. Schwanke and Jack is in fourth grade with Mrs. Andes.

Luke started school the first week of September.  He is going to preschool 3 days/week with Miss Barb.  He is in class with 2 of his friends from our neighborhood.  The first day he clinged to my leg and started to cry.  But since then he has been perfect and is loving it!  I cannot believe that he is one year from Kindergarten!

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Summer Concerts

I was able to go to 2 concerts this summer.  It was like going back to my college days when I went to concerts all the time.  I sure do love live music.  Kerri and I went to the Soul 2 Soul tour with Faith Hill and Tim McGraw.  It was amazing!  Then later in the month Dan and I went up to Park City and saw Gavin DeGraw.  It has been on my concert bucket list for a long time to see him live and it did not disappoint!  He was awesome.  We both had the best time!

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Park City week

The first week of August we spent a week in Park City with Dan’s family.  The kids LOVE it.  We spend countless hours in the pool and down in the Kid’s Club.  The kids also love just being together, watching movies and playing games.  We enjoyed a full day on the Alpine Slides and Coaster.  The kids favorite part was the ropes course.  They could have done that over and over again.  We also got to celebrate Alyson’s 60th birthday with a delicious dinner at Baja Cantina.  It was a fun week away.

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Megehees Visit

The week after we got back from the East Coast our best Draper friends flew in from Virginia.  We spent all week with them doing fun things…going to Cowabunga Bay, the splash pad, watching movies, shopping at the Outlets and an awesome girls night with all of us moms.  It is so fun to reunite with everyone when Alicia comes to town.  Our kids seem to never skip a beat which is awesome.  Plus we enjoyed a fun date night when Mark was in town.  I just love this family and feel so happy any time we get to be together.

And just a few random shots of the kids.  Annie’s first time in the jumper.  She liked it.  But since has decided it is the worst.  Jack got himself stuck in a baby swing when we were with our friends.  He was really stuck for awhile and I can’t imagine how funny it looked when I was pulling him out!  He is almost as big as I am.  We also had to stop and take a picture by this cool car so that we could send the picture to Tommy.  Jack and Tommy were constantly talking about cars when they were together.

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