Sophie is 7!

My sweet lady turned 7 this year.  She is so mature for her age that it seems that she could be much older.  She is my biggest helper around here.  She cares for Luke with whatever he needs…getting him breakfast in the morning, helping him pick out his clothes, reminding him to wash his hands, etc.  She also knows how to push his buttons but for the most part they are best friends.  She is creative.  Almost everyday she creates a new book on her own complete with illustrations and a story.  We go through a lot of paper around here!  She is super health conscience only allowing herself 2 pieces of candy a day, only drinking water, packing a fruit and a vegetable in her lunch.  She is very responsible too.  She always remembers to bring home her paperwork each day, has never forgotten her coat or lunch box at school, and somehow remembers every Wednesday afternoon to put her library book in her backpack for the next day.  I love her and appreciate her so much in our house.

This year we had a small family party for each of the kids.  Sophie’s birthday fell on a Sunday this year and Grandpa organized a family dinner that day so she got to be with cousins too that day.  She planned her own game and made it herself, Pin the Tail on the Pony.  On Monday night we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner, her choice.  7 year old stats: 52.4 lbs (75%), 49.25 inches tall (90%).

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Labor Day in Idaho

We spent Labor Day in Idaho with Deeds, Kimmy and Lynlea.  And we had the best time.  It is so beautiful there.  So many hidden gems.  We loved it.  We went to 2 different waterfalls (Mesa and Falls Creek), spent some time at BYU-I and eating milkshakes at the Burg, ate some delicious BBQ, smoked some delicious BBQ of our own, watched BYU get smoked by LSU (the beginning of the end of the BYU football season) and enjoyed the Eastern Idaho State Fair.  My kids are obsessed with those head cutout cardboard things so sorry for the overload of those pictures.  Sophie grew so fond of Lynlea and had the best time playing with her and holding her.  She is going to be the best big sister to our new baby.  Jack just loves to explore and there is a lot of room to do that Rigby, ID.  We loved our trip and hope to go back soon!


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School Kids

There has never been a kid more ready for all day school than Sophie girl.  She was so, so excited to start 1st grade.  Sophie was born for school.  She loves learning, doing worksheets, following directions and accomplishing tasks.  I was so proud of her bravery because she knew no one in her class this year.  None of her Kindergarten friends were in her class.  But she jumped right in and has of course made new friends.  Love this one.

Jack was super excited to start school this year.  I was happy after the rough start he had last year.  He has the same teacher he had for Kindergarten.  He was so excited to hear that.  Mrs. Webb loves Jack and his crazy, fun personality so they get along great.  He is doing awesome but says that learning cursive is hard!

Luke could hardly wait to start school this year.  We are doing a little neighborhood co-op and it is super fun.  I was the first teacher of the year and all these kids were overjoyed that first day.  They have formed a fun little bond and friendship.  Fun buddies!

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August in Review

We met our baby on August 1st in the ultrasound.  We are grateful that everything looked healthy.  We are super excited to meet this babe around Christmas time this year!

Bees game with Dan’s work.  The kids thought it was such a good time.  And they always love the snacks!

Kerri and I took the kids on the Grotto hike up Payson Canyon one morning.  It was the place to be!  It was full of people.  Jack was the only one brave enough to get in the water.  It was freezing.  These kids are good hikers.  They really enjoy being out in nature.  It makes me wish we did it more often.  And since Payson is so close to Santaquin, we made a stop at the Red Barn for ice cream and apple slushes afterwards.  Mmmmm!

Jack and Sophie each played a round of “fall” soccer the month of August.  It was hot!  But they managed to survive.  They are both very good at soccer.  Jack moved to the big fields this year with bigger goals.  He had an awesome team and coach.  It was fun to see them trying to learn positions.  Sophie is the most aggressive little lady on the field!  Love it!

We took a trip down to Provo to tour the new MTC.  I have never really been in the old part of the MTC but the new part is so beautiful.  It was fun to be with all the missionaries.  Our church is awesome!

We really loved the eclipse on the 21st.  We only had one pair of glasses so we rotated them around between us.  It is crazy that with the sun about 91% covered in our area how bright it still was outside.  On the inside of our house it was definitely darker but outside it was really not too noticeable.  But the temperature sure dropped which was cool.  I loved the shadows that the trees made.

Shortly after school was back in, Luke and I went to Discovery Gateway with our besties, the Denisons.  It was almost completely empty which was awesome.  The boys could have spent forever building and racing their cars.  Such a fun place!

A couple of random shots.  The kids enjoying the porch swing and their books.  Sophie read a few chapter books this summer.  I am proud of how much her reading has progressed!  We made room changes.  Luke and Sophie now share the bunk beds and Jack is in his own room.  Luke is quite the artist for his age.  His Mickey Mouse chalk drawing was really amazing for a 3.75 year old!

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Cousin time

We had the best time ever with the Herways in town this summer.  They came for 2 weeks and it made my kids so happy.  I don’t think I saw Jack and Sophie ever while we were together.  They just played and played and played.  It made my heart so happy.  Not too long ago Jack said “Mom, you know what is sad?  That my best friend lives all the way across the country and I only get to see him about once a year.”  That is heartbreaking.  Luke developed a special bond with Rachel this trip.  And she was so kind to entertain his admiration.  We did many fun things.  But I think my kids favorite were the days we stayed at home and they got to explore together.

We spent a morning and afternoon in Park City riding the Alpine Slide and Coaster.  And of course we had to eat lunch at Baja Cantina.  It was super fun and a great way to get out of the heat.

We went to BYU and got some ice cream.  I found the perfect hat for Luke and he spent most of the next two weeks wearing it.  Super cute!  We then went to Grandma Pett’s and enjoyed a carnival and pizza dinner.  My kids really lucked out with 2 carnivals from Grandma this summer.

Lagoon!  It is a summer favorite of ours.  And my kids were so excited to share it with their cousins.  All of my pictures are with Luke since me and him hung out a lot while the older kids ventured off to do the bigger rides with those nice enough to take them.  It really is so fun there!

The rest of that first week we spent time at Grandma’s and played lots.  She even offered to have a whole cousins sleepover one night so that us adults could go on a date.  We loved going to an escape room and Bruges for dessert.  Such fun times…painting rocks, slip and sliding, snake hunting, shucking corn and being silly.

One morning we all got together to hike Timpanogos Cave.  I love it!  My kids did awesome.  They never complained and really enjoyed the cave tour.  It is pretty amazing that a cave exists just 10 miles from our house.

That same day we went to the gardens at Thanksgiving Point.  They are so beautiful always.  I love the picture of Luke imitating Joseph Smith.  What a funny boy!

We rode the tram to the top of Snowbird so that we could do some hiking.  I did properly dress my children’s feet for the rocky terrain.  But somehow we survived in flip flops and sandals.  I love that picture of Rachel and Luke.  Perfectly shows their bond from the 2 weeks together.

We went to Temple Square and enjoyed a tour of the Church Office Building from Jake’s aunt.

And just a few random shots from our week spent hanging out at Grandpa’s.  On the last night we stayed there until 11 pm.  The kids and some of the grown ups played a game of baseball in the backyard until the sun went down.  And if you ask my kids what one of their favorite things was from the Herways visit they will always mention that baseball game.  Oh summer!  It is the best.  We love this family and feel so happy any time we get to be together.

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Family Campfire

After our trip to Zion’s my parents came up north for about a week and split time between here and Rigby.  One night we decided to beat the heat and went up the canyon to have a campfire.  There was a fire ban in Southern Utah during our reunion so we had all the stuff for s’mores that needed to be used up.  Nothing makes my kids more happy than fire, burning marshmallows and cousins.  It was a good time.

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4th of July

We had a very traditional Fourth of July this year.  We went up to the Granite Parade in the morning.  It was unbelievably hot.  I was proud of the kids for sticking with it despite sweating our faces off.  When we got home we just hung around.  In the evening we went to Grandma Pett’s carnival and BBQ.  The kids love it because they come home with 1 million prizes.  On our way back we stopped by the Cosby’s where we did our firework show along with everyone in their neighborhood.  It was so much fun!  There were fireworks going off constantly.  And some of the best aerials I’ve ever seen.  We had a great holiday!

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Cosby Family Reunion

At the end of June we headed down the Zion’s National Park for 5 days for a family reunion with my Cosby side of the family.  We have been planning this for over 2 years now and it was fun that it had finally arrived.  All of my siblings and parents stayed in a cabin together which is always a good time.  Until on the first night there we discovered a mouse in the house.  And then on the first morning there Kara came down with a flu bug that spread through 11 of the 18 (that included every member of the Grossen family…aren’t we lucky!) of us staying there.  And on our last night we discovered another mouse in the house.  All of that crazy business kind of put a damper on the reunion.  I only ended up being able to see my cousins and aunts and uncles a handful of times which made me kind of sad.  But what can you do?  We still were able to enjoy the pool at the resort quite a few times, go miniature golfing, Dan went on an ATV tour that he loved, watch the rodeo and participate in the barrel race which Sophie, Isaac and Jack won.  And we spent a morning in the park which is beautiful and kind of unbelievable.  Jack had a bad attitude about the long line for the shuttle which is documented in the pictures.  But as soon as he was hiking he was happy.  And Luke really struggled this day I think because it was so incredibly hot.  So it was kinda a bust.  But at least we could all be together and play a few games.  I love this Cosby family of mine.  Some of my best childhood memories involve these people.  It was sure fun to reconnect if only for a small moment.

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Tibblefork Morning

One morning we decided to go up American Fork Canyon to Tibblefork Reservoir.   It recently underwent some renovations and we had heard that it was awesome now with a fun beach.  We were hoping to beat the heat by heading into the mountains.  Well its true what they said, it does have a fun beach.  But it was not any cooler than down in the valley.  And about 30 minutes after being there it became so windy that sand was blowing everywhere.  Us moms tried to be brave for the kids because they loved it despite the heat and the wind.  But after about an hour we were all covered in sand including the lunches we packed for ourselves!  So it was fun but kinda a bust because of the wind.  But we did get some great pictures because it is so beautiful there.

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Adobe Field Trip

Every year Adobe invites all the families for a morning of games, experiments and entertainment.  It is super fun every year.  We had a lot of fun this year making our own bouncy balls, experimenting with dry ice bubbles, building earthquake-proof towers and building bridges from blocks.  At the end of the morning they serve us lunch and we watching a fun group from America’s Got Talent that did some amazing acrobatics.  We loved it.

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