Days go by…

I have recently been indulging myself in the newest Keith Urban album which, of course, I love…so the newest blog title is a little Keith Urban inspired although from a much earlier album.  I thought it fit perfectly with this newest batch of photos since really we are just livin’ our life and the days really do just go by and quickly I might add.

Our biggest news is that Jack is in the process of overcoming his first ear infection.  We went to the doctor last Thursday because he had had a fever for 2 days and wasn’t eating his solid foods good at all.  I thought for sure he had caught Dan’s strep throat, but turns out it was an ear infection.  Poor baby.  I would have never guessed it since he was still breastfeeding fine.  But I suppose maybe he wasn’t cause, let’s be honest, he is not a very good breastfeeder on a normal day.  But, he seems to be slowly gaining back his appetite.  Although, I think he might be outgrowing baby food already.  He used to eat it so much more willingly.  Or perhaps he just wants to feed himself.  I, however, am not ready for that.  He did, however, weigh 19 lbs at the doctor which means a 2 pound weight gain in a month.  He is fast on his way to outgrowing the carseat.


Here is my blue-eyed boy.  I think he might just keep these blue eyes.  Forgive the disgustingness of his shirt.  We thought we had the spit up business under control until this ear infection.  It seemed to come back with ten million fold.  I thought perhaps he had a little flu bug too, but I read online that ear infections can cause spitting up.  It was bad news.


This was Jack’s first time in the grass.  He just sat there and felt it for like 10 minutes in his fingers.  So, he likes it ok I think.  Much more than his mommy who thinks the worse torture in the world would be to lay in grass.  I am itchy just thinking about it!


Some new loves!  The thingymajingers for the blinds and the nunchuck thing that plus into the wii remote.


Jack in his safari outfit.  He is trying to prepare for his fun in the sun that is coming in 8 days in the form of a Disney Caribbean Cruise.  We can’t wait!


Jack On the Move

[media id=7]

Here’s the infamous video.  We shot another one this morning which is the second clip on the video.  So you can see how much better he is at moving in just a weeks time.  He is pretty much real-life crawling these days.  And he is getting so fast!


Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

I finally just decided to give up my search for the rechargable batteries and put some regulars in the camera.  So we have new photos again!  I didn’t know what to title this post since these pics are completely random…so it is the 5th of May and I suppose people are celebrating somewhere.  It is however just a normal day in the Grossen household.  Jack just went down for his nap, Dan’s at work, the laundry in going, the dishes are done, so I have a few minutos to spare for a post!


This was Jack’s first time seeing the camera in about 2 weeks and he could not stop smiling.  It was killing me.


These bathtime photos are a few weeks old.  He was pulling himself up on the side of his tub.  Of course, he didn’t do it when the camera was there.  But he still looks super cute.  We have since graduated to the big tub.  He finds it frustrating more than anything because it is so slippery so he can’t crawl around like he wants.  And when I try to just sit him up, he automatically turns and tries to pull himself up to the side of the tub.  So bathtime has become a wee bit shorter than it used to be.  At least he learned not to put his face in the water to get his toys in his mouth.  It only took one bath and a few times inhaling to figure out.



These are Jack’s new found toys.  With his new mobility, the world is opening up!  He loves his stacking cups.  Anytime he sees them, he goes and pulls them out one by one.  He loves it.  He also loves the stairs.  He is attempting to crawl up them, but hasn’t solved it yet.  We will be getting a gate soon!  The wheel on his high chair spins around when it is folded up and for whatever reason, he can’t get enough of it.  I seriously found him over there 50 times yesterday.  And last but not least…the doorstops.  I think he knows where they are in every room and they make him so happy.

I promise the crawling video is coming.  I still have not completely learned how to put them on this blog.  Dan taught me one time, but it takes at least 1000 steps that I haven’t mastered yet.  So stay tuned…


7 months old!

Well I have been absent from the blogging world once again.  Sorry to everyone.  My excuses consist of: #1. I was trying to rehabilitate my family from their illness.  Dan went to doctor last Thursday and was diagnosed with strep throat.  He finally started to feel better on Monday.  #2. we haven’t done anything exciting really at all.  and #3. for some reason I misplaced the rechargable camera batteries somewhere.  I remember taking them out of the charger and wondering if they would stay charged until the regular batteries in the camera ran out and now that they have, I can’t find the rechargables anywhere.  Seriously losing my mind I guess.  And for that reason I have not taken any photos in the last week.  How lame is that.  But today is my baby’s 7 month birthday so I felt like it was post worthy.  And so, I thought I would do a little photo journey of Jack Jack’s life.  Here we go…


Here Jack is one week before he was born.  No one said I was huge…but holy moly!  I can’t believe he baked in there another week.  This is one day before I got busted by my doctor for still working 10-11 hour days.  And so I cut it down to just working 6 or so at BYU.  It was a nice break for my last week of freedom.


The first is of Jack on his birthday.  And the second sometime in that first week we were home.  So little.


Here he is at one month.  Poor guy had a severe case of the baby acne going on this month.  But he was still a cute little pumpkin.  Can you tell from the family photo how much we were still in survival mode?  I look so so sleepy!


Month 2 we captured the first smiling photo and tried to show off how insanely well he held up his head.  Remember how he rolled over at 5 weeks?!?


Month 3 he started to love his toys and show off his muscles.  Apparently, I don’t have any photos from Christmas, but he enjoyed his first trip to California!


During month 4, his hair started to grow exponentially and he started to pick up his toys.


Month 5 we started solid foods and brainwashing…


Month 5 Jack began to be mobile and started to love, and I mean literally, his books.


Month 6 he played with his cousins, grandparents and aunts and uncles.  He became sitter followed shortly thereafter by a “crawler.”  Although he is not expert, he can move forward when he really, really wants something like Daddy’s eggo.

What will month 7 bring?  I’m not entirely sure.  For sure, more movement which will likely lead to the purchase of a gate for the stairs.  And definitely a 4+ hour flight to Florida for our Caribbean cruise which should be a fun adventure.  I can’t wait really!  Possibly some more sickness, maybe another full night’s sleep (he slept from 8-6:20 am on Sunday night!!!), perhaps some bumps and bruises and definitely tears.  Who knows!  But one thing is guaranteed there will be lots and lots of laughter and smiles cause with this little man around I can’t help but feel glad!  Wahoo to seven months of life!  What a journey that is far, far from over!



We’re alive…barely

Well we survived Jack’s first sickness.  I thought he was on the mend when I posted last, but turns out the next day the cough set in and sneezing beyond belief which led to watery eyes and a dripping nose.  I fear that Jack might now know what it means when mom is coming at him with any piece of cloth or tissue…the inevitable nose/face wipe.  He turns away instantly and sometimes starts to whimper.  Poor guy.  But, he came out on top and is truly back to his happy, go lucky self these days.  Dan, on the other hand, caught the bug unfortunately and has been sick beyond compare for the last 5 days.  He has started coughing pretty good so hopefully it is on its way out for him.  And as for me, I am just starting to get stuffy.  I just wonder why it can’t all hit at once.  Why can’t we all just be on our death beds at once so we can just cry together?  But then again, would I want to be taking care of an uber-demanding baby while I feel like crawling in a hole and dying myself?  Not likely.  So, I guess its for the best.  And don’t let me throw a pity party for myself…I don’t feel bad at all compared to the rest of my family.  So that is what we have been up to.  Survival!

The weather is supposed to be in the 70s all week which means Jack can sport some of his ultra-stylish summer gear.  Which further means that I can attempt to take some cute photos.  And, of course, we have to document his new trick of getting onto his belly/hands and knees from the sitting position.  He is well on his way folks to being a crazy fast mover.  In fact, at church yesterday, I nearly lost him 500 times off of my lap with his sudden movements.  The craziness has returned and that is how I know he is feeling 100%!


He loves the vents for whatever reason…


…and the Rubik’s cube, which p.s., is impossible and I will not ever believe otherwise.  Unless, of course, you remove the stickers a put them back on the right way.


He was having fun peeking at me through his toy this afternoon so I had to snap a shot albeit, blurry.  I swear I don’t have the shakes.


Isn’t he the cutest!  I am never over it…even in the wee morning hours.  Well…sometimes…


Howdy ma’am…or really just trying to get that hat off his head.  He didn’t figure it out all the way and I hope he never does cause I have too many adorable hats that I need to further torture him with!  Such a happy little babe!


Two weeks of milestones!

Jack has hit many milestones the last couple of weeks.  I think maybe he was trying to show off for all of the visitors we had.  I really believe he loves having an audience since he was the happiest he has ever been when all the family was around.


Milestone #1:  He is an official sitter-upper.  It truly happened over night I feel like.  But he is almost 100% now.  He only gets sad when he falls backwards and even then, he’s not too sad.

Milestone #2 and #3:  These coincide with the sitting up factor, he officially sat in the front of a shopping cart and loved it, of course.  And he had his first bath in the big tub.  He got super excited and kicked his legs a lot, which let to a few falls in the tub.  But he was so happy and proud of himself



Milestone #4:  He ate his first graham cracker all by himself.  I had given him pieces before, but this was the first time he got to eat on his own.  He did so good and, as you can see, he loved it!  Another eating triumph, he has been having size 2 jars of food with no problem.  He is a good eater.

Milestone #5:  Something we hoped would never happen, but alas…Jack had his first fever.  He woke up yesterday really sad.  He felt really warm all day even on tylenol.  I think it must just be a little cold or something since he has a tad bit of a runny nose and cough.  We hope to see these cute faces again soon…


…but for now, we’ll just give him lots of love and pray it doesn’t spread to Dan who currently has no immune system due to a new Crohn’s medicine he is taking.  At least I know now why Jack was on the fussy side Friday/Saturday.  I feel like he is on the mend a little today, but that hasn’t kept me from pumping the Tylenol in every 4 hours.  Poor, poor baby.  One plus to the sickness, he is a tad less crazy and little more cuddly which always makes this mommy smile.


Six months old

Well the babe is officially six months old and we officially cannot believe it.  I can hardly believe he is the same person we brought home from the hospital six months ago.  He has grown up so much.  Babies are amazing!  We went to the doctor on Monday.  So his stats are as follows… 17 lbs 1 oz. (50 %), 27.5 inches long (80 %), and 44 cm. head (55 %).  So I guess he is growing into his head!  Dr. Savage said he can now sleep 12 hours at night without needing a feeding.   So we are going to work on reaching the ever-coveted milestone sometime soon.  For now I am only getting him once and it has to be after 4 am.  It has been good so far.  We hope it continues.  He is a great eater of solid foods.  He loves them.  And we have even tried the little puff things a few times and he has had one graham cracker.  I have been more diligent this week about offering him the sippy cup, and he even had a successful drink yesterday!  Here are a few random shots from yesterday.  We love him!


I bought him these rings a week or so ago because I felt like he needed a new toy.  And just like I supposed, he loves them.  Look, he can even wave hello…not really but in this photo at least.


I was in the kitchen cleaning up Jack’s lunch and making my own, and I peeked around the island to find him completely under the ottoman.  The gap is just perfect for him.  I wonder how he finds these places.  I laughed and laughed.


A new face!  Right before his late afternoon nap yesterday he started sucking on his bottom lip.  Now he will not stop doing it…seriously.  We tried to get him to smile at us this morning and he just wanted to pull this face and nothing else.  Funny boy!


“One fish, two fish…

red fish, blue fish.”

” Say, say what does this say?  Ask me tomorrow but not today”

“Now it is night.  Night is not a time for play.  It is a time for sleep.  The dogs go to sleep.   They will sleep all night.”

“And will you succeed?  Yes, you will indeed!  98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed.  Kid, you’ll move mountains.”

I could go on for hours.  We have been reading to Jack for about 3 months now as part of his sleeping routine.  And well, let’s just say, I quoted all the above from memory and have about another 100 quotes I could have entertained you all with.  He likes his books.  Most nights he is pretty squirmy, but seems to love the colors and rhymes.  We just hope it is signaling that it is time for sleep.


We’ve had a fun week with Dan’s sister, Melanie, in town.  It has been fun for me and Jack to go over during the day and play.  And I think Jack had his happiest week on record.  He was such a good, cute boy.  I think he likes all the extra people to watch!


He has learned what the camera is, I think.  And instantly starts smiling.  It is pretty cute.  He has started this new really wide grin and scrunched nose lately.  He is very  funny and cute.


I have loved watching Jack’s interaction with his cousin Tommy who is 5 months older.  They have showed a great interest in each other.  And we couldn’t resist taking pictures of them in their matching dino jammies.  Doesn’t my baby look as big as his 11 month old cousin?  Geez louise!  Look how cute they are holding hands.  And as you can also see Jack Jack is getting semi-professional at sitting up.  I would never sit him down and just leave him there, but he has gone for 20 or more minutes with me by him without tipping over.

And the most shocking developments of the week…


…we are fast on our way to having  a crawler!  Jack started pushing himself up on his hands and knees this week.  And today after church, he was rocking back and forth on his hands and knees!  I can’t believe how strong he is.

Now we can’t wait for my parents to come and see the babe.  He is completely different from the last time they saw him.  Hooray for visitors!


Our Weekend

Dan here. Amy told me I finally needed to make a post. I’ll admit, before our site I was very anti-blogging, but since we’ve started I’ve enjoyed reading Amy’s posts and everybodys’ comments. Plus, I agree, it’s a great way to stay in touch with Amy’s parents, my sister and her family in Charlotte, and family and friends we don’t get to see and talk to everyday.

This weekend, for me, was a much needed break and a whole lot better compared to last weekend.

On Friday, Amy and I had the opportunity to attend the first session of the Draper Temple dedication. We had to be ready to go at 7am to make the bus trip over to the chapel. Once we got there we found the chapel packed with people. With there being 12 sessions, we were both surprised to see so many people at one session. I guess we thought our experience was going to be more exclusive! Once we were in the temple, we found ourselves down in the breakroom, just one of several available rooms crammed with people and chairs to pack in as many as they could.

We had a great time though. Inspirational messages were shared by President Monson, Eyring, and Packer. Amy and I are excited to have a temple so close and thankful to have helped out in the open house and participated in its dedication. It’s one of the many things we enjoy about living here in Draper. It’s funny, looking back to when we moved here, we never thought we’d be here longer than little over a year. But we’ve loved it and have recently toyed with the idea of staying here longer than a few years. With a little bit of California coming to Draper via an In-N-Out opening, it can only help Amy love Utah a little bit more!

Another reason to love it here is we live so close to ski resorts. And lucky for me I convinced the girl I love to not only marry me, but also to love skiing! Saturday, we were able to break free from Jack and hit the slopes at Snowbird. It had been too long for us since the last time we went was mid-January.



It was a perfect warm day and I finally got to try out the new sticks. We had a lot of fun. Except for the moment Amy forgot to get off the lift…any of you that have been on the Gad 2 chair at Snowbird know that at the top there isn’t a whole lot of room for error. You have to stand up and immediately ski down the little hill. I got off and skiied down and then I hear a scream and Amy say- “I’m not getting off right now!” I spin around and look up and say- “Ame?!” as she swings on by and her skis dangle from above. The liftee immediately stops the lift as we all are laughing. The liftee asks Ame what happened, where she replies- “I must of had a stroke, but not really.” It was hilarious and Ame never let us go back to Gad 2 for the rest of the day.

We love to ski together and can’t wait to teach Jack how to ski.  We’re hoping to go ski at our favorite resort, Deer Valley, one more time before the season ends and turns into boating season!


When I grow up…

I want to be just like Daddy.  I love computers!


Or maybe I want to be just like mommy.  I love crossword puzzles especially the ones in People Magazine.  Maybe I will know insanely too much about pop culture like Mommy.


I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.