Spring is here…well sometimes

We have had a few beautiful days lately mixed with some not so lovely, snowy days.  But those lovely days have been wonderful, and we have enjoyed the sunshine.  We venture to the park most days to try to make Jack into a braver boy.  He is for some reason terrified of the slide.  But after a few days, I think he is starting to warm up to it.


These pics make me want to weep.  He is SO big.  He had the best time running and running and trying to escape from me trying to take his picture.


And just a few more pictures…Jack getting into one of his favorite pickles with the chair….helping Daddy work from home…and the one day he decided to dump the whole bag of goldfish on the couch.



Here are just a few photos from the week.  Life is good.  Dan is back to work and I am attempting to find my old routine.


I couldn’t quite capture it, but Jack was holding up the computer mouse right to his eye so he could stare at the red light.  This kid and light is very funny.


Jack has really been into lining/stacking things up lately.  Here are just a few pictures as evidence.  He lines up all his bath toys and feels so proud of himself afterwards.


You Don’t Know Jack

And that’s because I have failed big time in my blogging responsibilities lately when it comes to Jack.  So here is a brief update.  He is the smartest kid ever.  He knows every word.  Seriously.  I can say anything and he will repeat it.  He is getting pretty good with his alphabet and recognizes C, O, S, R, B, and T sometimes.  His favorite is C and he points them out everywhere.  He loves flags.  We are grateful that the word flag is now sounding like flag instead of the F-bomb like it used to.  He loves to read his stories and is getting good at doing it on his own.  He has several pages of his favorite books memorized.  He loves to dance and attempt to snap his fingers.   It is pretty funny and cute.  His favorite song to jam to is “I Gotta Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas.  He says Mommy, FINALLY.  I mean really it isn’t fair that it takes so long for them to learn it.  He has graduated to one nap during the day and has taken to it nicely.  He sleeps for about 1.5-2 hours every day.  Praise!  He loves going in the car and begs during the day to leave the house.  He knows when I grab my purse that we are heading out and immediately heads up the stairs and says “car.”  He has 7 teeth currently–top 4, bottom 2 and one molar on top.  I can feel a couple more molars coming in.  I wonder where the other bottom teeth are?  He is a good boy and we love him.


A little Cafe Rio love.  He loves the rice and beans so much.


Jack emptied the towel drawer in the kitchen and then climbed inside.  He was pretty proud of himself.  But was letting out a few worried whimpers because he wasn’t sure how to get out.


Story time any way that he can get it.


Now helping with the dishes sometimes involves getting really up close and personal with the dishwasher.  He is entering the climbing phase of life.

And because our Jack is getting so big we decided to really test his “big boy” skills by giving him this opportunity…


…Big brother Jack is pretty excited for a baby to join us on or around September 14, 2010.



So most of our readers know that Dan had surgery last Thursday.  The long and short of the story is that he had an iliopsoas abscess which formed from a fistula in his intestines.  A fistula is a crack or hole that forms in the intestines and is a side effect of Crohn’s.  So all the lovely stuff that passed by that hole was leaking out into his body.  That lovely stuff burrowed a little hole into his psoas muscle and there began to collect forming a mess of infection, bacteria and the like for who knows how long.  His surgeon said this had been going on for a long time which we already knew since Dan has been having this groin muscle pain since his last surgery almost 4 years ago.  The pain has increasingly got worse in the last 6 months or so and is it any wonder that somedays he couldn’t even walk?  Infection in the muscle is not normal.  Alas, the surgery was a success and took less than 3 hours.  Dr. Kim (who we love, by the way) said Dans’ intestines looked the best he had seen all day which  I think is great news.  He only took out about 4-6 inches this time and I think that was just to reestablish a good connection site between the large and small intestines.  So we are happy.  Plus Dan’s hospital stay was only 3 days instead of the 5-7 we were imagining.  He made it home just in time to watch the Super Bowl from the comfort of his own couch.  He has been home for almost a week now and is getting better each day.  Still in pain but moving around much better.  So we are on the up and up.  Thank you all for your faith and prayers in our behalf.  We are so grateful and felt God’s love and power through all of this.  Love to all of you!


Jack’s drawing on the board in Dan’s room.  He loved visiting Daddy.


But he loved mostly when Daddy came home and that was because he brought balloons home with him.  Jack went crazy over them…for 10 minutes anyway.


And just one cute picture of Jack finding a creative place to read his stories.



The hospital is where we’ve been since our last post.  Dan is having a downer time with Crohn’s disease.  I suppose to spare all the gory details we will just say that we are still waiting to see if he will need yet another surgery.  We have been doing ok.  We have been through all the emotions that an impending major surgery would bring to anyone.  But I think we have reached peace and hope for the future no matter what happens.  Although we are definitely praying for the medicine to do the trick so that surgery can been halted for now and forever maybe.  We appreciate everyone’s prayers and faith in our behalf.  And are especially grateful for our wonderful families for all of their help.  Here are a few photos from Dan’s brief weekend stint in the hospital for a continuous IV of steroids and antibiotics.


And now look what our little medicine cupboard looks like.  I guess we are officially getting old.


One night I found Jack in my favorite sleeping position ever so I had to sneak a photo.  Too bad a covered him with a blanket before I took it or you would also be able to see his shirt half way up and his big belly sticking out.  Like Gus Gus on Cinderella.




My absence has really been felt lately and for that, I am sincerely sorry!  The truth is we were up at Dans’ parents house for a good portion of the weeks surrounding Christmas and I forgot my camera there.  But now that I have it back I can post a few photos from Christmas and give a much needed update!

My parents were able to be here for Christmas this year which was awesome.  I sometimes get sad when I think about how little they get to see the boy so I am super happy when they get to come up or I get to go down.  We had a celebration with my parents on the 20th since technically it was Dan’s year for Christmas.  It was fun and Jack loved the wrapping paper.  I believe we took video that night, but not pictures, so you can visit my sister’s blog to check out photos. ( http://sherwibaggins.blogspot.com )

The rest of the holidays we spent with Dan’s family.  It was very fun to be all together.  We were able to see a few movies, do 4 puzzles (my favorite!), and ski a few days.  But most of all, we just got to hang out which is my favorite thing.  Christmas was fun.  I realized browsing through the photos that they are all of Jack.  Were me and Dan even there?  I guess he is the most important!


Jack on Christmas Eve with the big pile of presents behind him.


Jack loved the presents for about one minute.  Then he just played.  And once he was bored with that, he ate cereal the rest of the time.  I think I opened about 90% of his gifts.  But, of course, he loves everything.  And we think he is pretty cute reading in his Elmo chair.  He has really taken to the whole basketball thing which is fun.  He cheers every time he dunks the ball.  And since he fell in love with Tommy’s magnadoodle on Christmas, we bought him one of his own with some money from a few Christmas returns.  It was a good holiday despite Dan having to work WAY more than he thought he would.

Soon after Christmas, Jack got really sick and it was sad.  We took him to the ER one night at like 2 am with a temperature of 104.5.  Scary.  He was super sad the whole time.  They had to give him a chest x-ray which made me cry.  So sad.  Turns out he had bronchitis and and ear infection in both ears.  He took about 5 days to be his normal self.  He was super cuddly and really only wanted me which is REALLY rare!  But I loved to hug my boy lots and appreciate so much those who watched him for me for a few hours here and there so I could have a break :o).  Another plus…he slept SO much.  More than he has in his entire life.  We’re talking close to 13 hours at night and two 2 hour naps each day.  I was loving that.  But don’t worry, he is back to his old ways, and I am thinking that transitioning to one nap is just around the corner!

Here are a few more pictures from the holidays.


This is us trying to capture Jack when we say “time for prayer.”  In the first photo, Dan is ready, Jack is not.  In the second you can see his cute closed eyes.  It last 2 seconds, but is cute nonetheless.  And, of course, giving Daddy kisses.


Look at my cute niece and nephew.  They are such good kids and we miss them every second that they are away.


A few shots from today since Jack looked really stylin’ in his new shirt from Aunt Kerri.  And a spaghetti shot since today was the first day that I just let him go at his spaghetti.  Not too messy!



I think toddler-aged kids with Santa Claus is hilarious.  I remember when I worked at the daycare watching the toddlers completely spazz out when Santa came to visit.  They acted completely abnormal.  Like nothing I have ever seen really.  And sadly, I did laugh.  This week I have seen several blog postings of my dear friends with their toddlers visiting Santa and they were screaming hysterically.  And I was laughing hysterically looking at the pictures.  So yesterday I thought it would be a good time to take Jack to see Santa to see what his reaction would be.  And I was not surprised at all by the following photos…


He was perfectly fine.  I doubted for a second when the twin girls in front of us in line completely lost self control, but he didn’t mind a bit just like I knew he wouldn’t.  I don’t know if I should feel worried or ok about that, but I am going to take it as a sign that he is well adjusted.

Here are just a few more random shots from the week.


This kid has serious love affair with books.  The first picture was taken because he stopped mid-stair to read his book, and we thought it was pretty funny.


This kid also loves his blankie.  I am usually a Nazi mom about letting him take it out of his room, but this day we dragged him early in the morning to go get some donuts for breakfast so Daddy let him take it in the car with him.  We captured these priceless photos with a cell phone.


These photos are just because I think he looks super cute in this sweater especially with the hood on.


Deer and Snow

As most of our readers know, we hit a deer on Friday night.  It was scary and, let’s be honest, I bawled my eyes out for about 5 minutes afterwards thinking of the cost of the repairs.  But everyone is fine.  Jack didn’t even react even though Dan and I were screaming.  Let’s face it, deers are really stupid.  I mean honestly.  Anyway, there was no time to react, I didn’t even see it until it was into the side of the car, and then again when it came falling back down onto the windshield after being thrown in the air.  Perhaps the worst part is that we were a mile from our house at most and now every day since the accident we have see our idiot of a victim lying dead on the side of the road aloof to the headache he has caused for us.  Oh well…its just time and money.  That’s what I have to keep telling myself.


These are the best photos of the damage.  I especially love the patch of deer hair stuck in the headlight.  Disgusting.

Well on to happier things, I suppose.  It is snowing.  And we discovered that Jack loves the snow.  Thanks to my Aunt, we inherited this super warm snowsuit.  But it is size 24 months and so, a little big for our Jack, Jack.  But its the best we got so I figured I could make it work.  And it did just fine.  But I was dying.  If I thought his new green coat made him look like a marshmallow, you should check this out!


HAHAHAHAHA!  So funny and so cute.

And just one more picture for good measure.


Jack in his new favorite chair.  He loves it cause he can climb into it on his own without help using the footrest.  And from there he can climb onto the couch.  It is a real win-win situation for him.


Tis the Season

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  We had a great holiday weekend together.  It was super fun to have Dan home for 4 days with us.  We wish every week was a 3 day work week!  We didn’t do anything out of the norm for Thanksgiving.  We spent time with family and ate good, good food.  We spent some time on Friday browsing the online sales, but bought nothing.  On Saturday we watched a very stressful BYU game, but are thankful for a Cougar victory after some very poor Cougar execution.  And on Sunday we had a family dinner with the Grossen side where we opened our new Christmas ornaments for the year.  It was lovely.  Here are the 2 photos we took all weekend!


On Monday we went and got our Christmas tree when Dan got home from work.  It was the first time that Jack wore his winter coat.  I was dying of laughter cause he looked like a marshmallow.  It was seriously killing me.  Until he fell face first into the dirt and busted open both of his lips.  Poor baby.  Needless to say, we didn’t let him walk around without holding one of our hands after that since he was obviously having stability issues. We love our tree and the piney scent in our house.


We had to go buy some extra lights yesterday cause the tree is much larger than we realized.  After I was done stringing the new lights, Jack thought he would decorate by adding some special ornaments of his own.


Legos and stacking cups.  He is so creative and smart.  Last night, we hung the ornaments, but only took video.  Perhaps a photo shall come later of our glorious tree!


Oh Happy Day!

With only one more day between me and Thanksgiving, I am feeling really jolly at this moment.  I love Thanksgiving.  I think it is my second favorite holiday after Christmas.  And I think that is because it is so family oriented.  We are super excited for Dan to have a 4 day weekend so we can play and play and play.   You know what else I love?  In-n-Out Burger.  I have had a love affair with it my whole life really.  It is that good.  And the greatest thing happened last week here, In-n-Out opened its doors a mere 5 miles from my house.  Hooray.  We were going to avoid it like the plague since the lines have been crazy with policemen having to direct traffic.  But we were feeling lazy on Saturday night and Dan was craving a burger.  I told him now that In-n-Out is here we can’t get a burger anywhere else.  It just wouldn’t make sense since it is the best.  But as some of you may know, Dan hates crowds.  I tease him that it makes him uber grumpy.  So I told him I would venture down on my own and pick it up.  And my wait time was only 25 minutes which I consider well worth it.  Plus we have to start training the next generation what this goodness is all about!


Jack loved it and kept taking bites and then saying “Mmmmm.”  So cute.

Well, I busted out the Christmas decor last week.  I couldn’t wait any longer.  People can say what they want about my type of person that “skips right over Thanksgiving to celebrate Christmas.”  That is fine and their opinion.  But I don’t buy it.  I listen to Christmas music year round.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with it.  And I don’t think I am neglecting Thanksgiving (refer to my above diatribe).  I still look forward to it and love it just as much.  But it is fun to be Christmasy for as long as possible, in my opinion.  And Jack loves everything.  I am super excited to get the tree in here sometime next week.  I think he will be in heaven since he was already in love with the garland.


He grabbed a book and plopped right in the middle of it and started reading.  And every time he sees it he says “Tree, Light.”  It is very cute.  Forgive the booger nose.  He can’t seem to overcome this cold bug.

And finally in the spirit of Christmas, Jack has been dubbed the new Kevin McAllister (you know, from the Home Alone movies.  On second thought, if you don’t know that, shame on you.  They are some of the greatest Christmas movies EVER).  He loves to set up traps with his toys.  He meticulously takes his blocks, puzzle pieces, balls, etc. and places them in the most inconvenient places for mommy and daddy.  Dan was victim to one such trap on the stairs.  This morning he lined them all up where the linoleum meets the carpet.  He was pretty proud.


Sorry that his head is cut off.  He is always on the move especially when he sees the camera!