When I grow up…

I want to be just like Daddy.  I love computers!


Or maybe I want to be just like mommy.  I love crossword puzzles especially the ones in People Magazine.  Maybe I will know insanely too much about pop culture like Mommy.


I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


One crazy night

Well not really.  We did let Jack cry for an hour this morning around 5.  He is getting into another bad habit of wanting to wake up then!  But we had no idea it would lead to this when we got him up this morning


Don’t ask me how it pulled that one off.  Hahaha…funny boy!  Needless to say his arm was pretty cold!

Other than that excitement, not too much is going on here.  We just have a lot of visitors coming into town the next 3 weeks (Dan’s sister and her two kiddies and my mom and dad), so we are counting down the days.  We can’t wait to have friends to play with during the day!


You know what else parenting is…

A joy…really and truly.  Especially when you see things like this…


We didn’t even have to brainwash him into loving the Lord’s University (although we already definitely had plans to do so!).  He came straight from heaven knowing right from wrong.  What a pure genius!  But seriously, we thought it was pretty great how much he loved Dan’s BYU shirt.  He just kept wanting to touch it.


What an innocent, disgusting face.  This is right after he puked in Dan’s mouth.  And believe me, Dan’s shirt and zip-up hoodie got the worst of it.  Hard to imagine from the looks of his face!


The days of immobility are over.  I used to put Jack on his back right on the mat in above pictures while I showered.  He would just lay there and kick his little legs and talk.  So much to my surprise this morning when I opened the curtain to find he had rolled over and scooted all the way back between the cupboards and the toilet.  He found the perfect sized space for himself.  And don’t ask me how he did it.  He absolutely kills me with that cute little face.

So my brother Deeds was up last night to hang out and we decided to go get some dinner.  As we were getting out of the car, he saw the mullet wig that has been in my car since Halloween and decided he would do this…


…which made me die of laughter cause it reminded me of this…


For those who know me well, you know that I HATE E.T.  Not so much the movie (although I don’t really remember it or know if I have even seen it all), but the actual E.T. thing.  I think he/she/it is disgusting.  My Jack Jack is not disgusting, but you have admit an adult sized wig on a little baby will always remind you of E.T.   And you know what is so funny about these Jack photos, how suave he looks in the first one.  He is really giving a good model pose!  Love him!


Jack Rolls Over

[media id=6]

Just when you thought that he was never going to do it, he surprises you.  I am convinced that he is an independent thinker already which should make the rest of his life interesting!  We have tried to “teach” him many things, i.e. sleeping through the night, sleeping without the swaddle, rolling over, etc. and the fact is, he just does it when he’s ready and feels like it.

The rolling over was a joy.  And although I said I would never be a mom that has that sick mom voice on video, alas it is there and in full force.  Sorry to all listening ears.  I guess you can’t help it when your kid reaches a milestone.  He is the cutest child of the whole wide planet!


You can’t have your cake and eat it too

So we have had some long days since Monday and some really sleep-filled nights.  I have really and truly waited for the night that Jack would sleep more than 4 hours at a time.  Really and truly waited…and it seems like forever.  Well, we have had a good thing going since Sunday night with 7-9 hour stretches without a noise.  BUT the alternative has been some really long tired days.  Sleep training without the swaddle has led Jack from having 2 long day time naps to about 4 short naps with a lot crying in between.  I have truly wanted to give up since I think he still needs to be swaddled!  But no doubt that is really for my own convenience because then he will fall asleep instantly and I don’t have to hear his sad cry.  But I can sorta see the light.  He has gone down easier for the last few naps.  Now we just have to make those naps last longer.  Not sure how to make that happen but I know it will eventually.  You know what…parenting is just a grand test of patience from day one!  And that is why I pray every morning that somehow I can be patient.  And then there is part of me that is worried that he is sleeping so good at night because he is sleep deprived from his long days.  Ahhh…I hope that’s not the case cause he needs longer naps while still sleeping at night!  You know what else parenting is…a guessing game. I think Heavenly Father must just look down with a little smirk as we attempt this little game of life.  Thank goodness He has it all figured out and helps us when we need it, sometimes:o).


Here is Jack with his favorite new toy.  It is his second favorite part of the morning (the first being the fact that it is morning and he doesn’t have to be in bed anymore.  Part of me thinks he just lays in his bed and just waits until he sees that first stream of light coming through his window and his heart skips a beat when it does cause he knows he can be awake).  He loves to play with cereal boxes.  A child after his daddy’s heart.  Dan sits down with his cereal box in the morning and as soon as Jack hears the crinkling of the bag inside he looks over and won’t stop staring until daddy gives it to him.  He loves them.


Here is pea face (take 2).  Our first attempts Monday night did not go over too well.  He seemed to like green beans at first, but after 5 bites was disgusted.  So we moved on to peas and he instantly hated them.  So Tuesday and Wednesday at lunch I did green beans and peas followed by some bites of cereal and he ate them up.  He still made funny faces.  Our first attempts were captured on video which I will have to have Dan post because it was very funny.  And true to baby form, Jack loved carrots and squash.  We have yet to try sweet potatoes, but I know he will love them.  So I am gonna do straight veggies for another week and then we will move to some fruits.


And I know you think that he must have rolled over by now and I have just forgotten to inform the blogging world.  But the truth is, he still hasn’t.  Some days he tries a lot and others he just seems content on his back.  But he is a contortionist somedays, I swear.  His body goes U-shaped and I am sure his head is just going to snap off.  So who knows…but my guess is that we are still months away…


He did it!

Well, I know its a fluke.  In fact, I am going to attribute last night to some kind of family fast that was going on behind our backs because last night can only be called one of God’s miracles.  A tender mercy, if you will.  JACK SLEPT OVER 8 STRAIGHT HOURS LAST NIGHT!!!!  Wahoo!  I knew he had it in him even if it only happens this once.  It was a blessing.   I woke up at 2:30 and thought…mmm…I haven’t heard the baby yet.  Weird…but I fell back asleep until 3:35.  Mmmm…Dan must have heard him and gone in at some time because there is no way.  I laid there for about 10 minutes until Dan stirred and then I said “Have you been in to the baby?”  Nope.  Well I guess I will go check on him.  And he was still breathing.  I wasn’t really worried but my mind can play tricks on me.  So then I went downstairs and pumped cause well, it was kind of messy and a little painful!  But wow do have like a 7 oz. bottle now for Jack!  And then I just laid in bed until he woke up around 4:10.  That is a continuous sleep from 7:50 pm-4:10 am.  Maybe he just had to turn 5 months old (yesterday was kind of his 5 month birthday since there is no 29th of February this year).  Or maybe it was the fact that he had no naps yesterday from like 3-7:30.  But whatever it was, it was glorious.   But please oh please don’t stop your praying now.  You see today we are starting this…


…sleep training without the swaddle…one arm at a time.  As you can tell from the photo, taken moments ago, he was already a little sad.  But 2 minutes later, there is quiet and I think he must be asleep.  We’ll see how long it lasts.  And how long this process takes.  Also coming tonight, Jack’s first taste of vegetables.  I haven’t decided between green beans or peas.  Photos to come of funny faces!


Where have we been…

So I have already had a blogging drought.  Sorry to my faithful readers…or more like viewers cause I know Jack photos are the big draw here.  But anyway, it is hard to blog when you feel like nothing new has happened really.  We are still doing the same old, but good, thing.


Jack is growing big and reaching for everything.  He loves to feel and eat everything in sight.  Thanks for the Valentine’s card Grandma…it tasted really good!


This is how he spends a lot of his time, but he just hasn’t made it over yet.  Yesterday his hips were on the ground, but he just couldn’t get his shoulder out to flip completely over.  The day is fast approaching.  But I have thought that for well over a month now so who knows!


He thought he was pretty funny when his onesie got stuck on his head last night.  He is so cute and we just love him.

Dan and I were able to go out two nights in row this weekend.  On Friday night we went to the temple and on Saturday to our ward party that was a dinner for adults only.  We feel so lucky to have family near by that are always willing to play with the babe.  It is the greatest blessing.  Especially when Alyson told us of a girl in Bountiful who said she will not get paid less than $15/hr. for babysitting.  Say what?  I would be like see you in a half hour when we are back with our fast food and red box movie and we still will owe you 7 bucks.  I will never get that.  I didn’t even get paid that much at the daycare where I worked for 5 years.  Sorry 14 years olds…but that is absurdness.


“A house divided…

against itself shall not stand.” (Matthew 12:25). We hope that isn’t true for us because there is a real division in our house and marriage that will exist until the end of time. And although we like each other very much, this one thing really is a huge barrier! LAKERS vs JAZZ!! Last night was the second meeting of the season. The first happened on January 2nd with a Laker victory. I knew last night would be tough. The Lakers are choke artists in SLC. Seriously, I have been to a lot (I think at least 5) of Laker/Jazz game in SLC in my years here, and they have won once. Last year I finally swore off going to the game cause well, I have been rudely confronted and talked to many a time, and I just can’t take it anymore. Its not healthy for me how I feel about Jazz fans after leaving the games. So I won’t be going anymore. And especially now that I am married to an uber-intense Jazz fan. I hate the conflict. I would just assume crawl in a hole and die than watch the game with Dan. Hahaha…not really, but kind of. Well last night was a great game, I guess. You see, one perk to Jack’s lack of night time sleep is that I am super tired come like 9 pm, and so I fell asleep in the 3rd quarter. But I woke up on the couch to Dan talking to Mills. He sounded way too happy and I knew that meant the Lakers lost. So the season record is 1-1. We’ll see what the playoffs bring this season. I dread a Lakers/Jazz series. But know it is a likely possibility. We shall see… But one question for you, who do you think Jack will love? All I know is we have definitely already caused a conflicted child, and we have the pictures to prove it. If he loves mommy, he will love Kobe. If he loves Daddy, he will love AK-47 (just kidding, D-Will). Do you think he has hope of being normal being pulled in each direction? I hope so…