School’s Out!

We spent the last week of school super busy with fun activities.  Every year the school does a 5K race.  Unfortunately because of a late snowstorm, the morning Kindergarten kids were not able to participate.   Sophie was pretty disappointed when it got rescheduled and messed up her plans to win the race!  But we had fun cheering on Jack and his friends.  And who would have thought that one week later on the new date and time, it would be the hottest day of the year so far.  These poor kids were melting!

Sophie had a Kindergarten Graduation that we were able to go to.  She had the best year in Kindergarten.  She loved everyday and really excelled.  Her teacher, Mrs. Topham, only had the best things to say about our Sophie girl.  We are super proud of her!

Jack had a great year in 2nd grade.  His teacher, Miss Jones, was wonderful for Jack.  I was able to help in Jack’s class once a week and it was fun to see him in his environment.  Jack’s class performed plays during the last week of school.  He did awesome in his performance.  He is still a bit of the class clown and loves to make people laugh.  After a rocky start this year, he really turned it around and we found him in tears after we got home on the last day of school because he said he was going to miss his friends so much.  His best buds were Deacon, Riley and Thiago.  Sweet little buddy.

And just a few random shots from May.  Luke is obsessed with rolly pollies and collected hundreds this Spring.  He tried to create environments where they would survive like putting grass & dirt in the trunk of his tricycle one day.  But sadly, we always found them belly up the next day!

Sophie and Jack played another round of soccer.  They both had awesome seasons.  Jack had the best coach who really taught the kids about positions and spreading out on the field to look for a pass.  It was fun to watch!  Sophie scored the winning goal at the last second in the last game of the season.  We went crazy!

Sophie’s best friend is Harvey.  Harvey has probably been at our house 275 days of the year for the last 3 years.  We love him.  He is the sweetest boy and him and Sophie play so well together.  He is moving in a few weeks and our hearts are broken.  I don’t know if Sophie will know what to do without him!

A picture of the above mentioned May 18th snowstorm.

Sophie was working on her church words one day.  I was proud of her.  I absolutely love watching her spell.  Because Jack is super human, he never did this so its a first for me and I love it so much.


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Dancing Lady

Sophie wrapped up another year of dance in May.  She is the best there is.  She surprised us all by being so animated and into her dance performance.  It makes me so happy to see her confidence and personality shine.  Love this sweet lady.

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Women’s Conference

I was able to escape for 2 days and attend BYU Women’s Conference this year with Kerri, Kara, and Kara’s mom.  It was such a wonderful experience–one that every woman should have I think!  It is so uplifting and really reminds me of all the best parts of college–learning, going to classes and eating good BYU treats!  I loved it and hope to make it a semi-regular thing!

Kerri and I thought we were both so hungry on Thursday night that we ordered 24 inches of sandwich at Sensuous!  Hahaha…it is still funny to this day.  Well we only ate 12 inches and had plenty of leftovers to send home to James.

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House Remodel

We finally bit the bullet and had the floor redone in our house.  It has been on our to-do list since we moved in.  So 3 years later, we finally made it happen.  Before they started the floor we repainted the office to a light grey.  We really love how it has brightened things up.  We also wanted to take out the archway from the kitchen to family room.  That demo was pretty fast and we are excited to finish it off someday soon.  The floor took a whole week to do.  It was a long week with our house in disarray but we survived by making lots of outings.  It reminded us that we never want to move again.  Just taking the few things out of the house that we did was too much for us!  We are loving it and are busy rug shopping now!  And also contemplating how we are going to redo the banister.




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April Randoms

Here are some Jack shots.  We died the day he put on Luke’s size 3 hoodie and zipped it up.  It is obviously short and tight but he could still get it around himself.  Little skinny mini.  Sometimes after we have put Jack and Sophie to bed we hear them laughing and talking.  One night we stumbled upon them in Sophie’s bed together reading books.  They are best buds.  He sure is a fun kid.  I have loved volunteering in his class this year and eating lunch with him a handful of times.  He makes our life good!

Sophie has loved school.  And it is truly amazing to see how much she has grown.  I love reading all the work she brings home and the notes I find almost daily from her.  She is such a sweet lady.  This year she did an animal report on the Snowy Owl.  We then were able to go into her class one morning and learn from all her friends about their reports too.  She has loved being in Kindergarten with her two best buddies, Hannah and Peyton.

Wild Bubbies!  He is my side kick and I have loved this year with just me and him in the mornings.  He is so full of personality and fun and a little attitude.  He is trying to give up his nap these days which is always a long transition which leads to many naps in the car in the afternoon.  Sigh.

We have been loving our smoker.  One of the best things we have made is this salsa.  Doesn’t it look amazing!?  We were pretty proud!

I thought it was pretty awesome when I looked down during Conference to find Dan doing some the papers from the kids’ packets I had printed off!  We all need a little help focusing sometimes!  In his defense, this particular page was a little too hard for the kids to do on their own!

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We had a lovely Easter this year.  We had a few celebrations with Grandma, at home and with Grandpa.  My kids love all the traditions-egg hunts, coloring eggs, candy, and eating good food.  We tried to include days talking about the real reason for Easter and enjoyed watching the Church’s videos about the Prince of Peace.  It was a great way to remember Jesus and His gift of love for us.  Love my family!

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Tulip Festival

We did the Tulip Festival right this year!  We went 4 times.  Every week I would look at the weather with Kerri and then we would pick our morning to go.  And we found that if we got there around 930 it was much less crowded.  By the time we left each time around 11 or so, it was starting to get super busy.  It was the perfect way to do it.  It really is so beautiful.  It was fun to go multiple times too because each time there were new sections in bloom.  I discovered a new favorite flower-Ranunculus.  I can’t wait to plant some bulbs in the Fall to see if I can get them to grow in my own yard.  I love this yearly tradition.  And here come a million photos!

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Temple Square

Over Spring Break this year, Kara and I met up with one of our best college friends for a morning at Temple Square.  We visited the Church History Museum which has a new kids area which was fun.  And then we picnicked on the lawn by the Visitor’s Center.  It was fun to see all of our kids play.  And we laughed about how many kids there were (10 between us!).  A lot has changed the 10+ years that we all lived together at BYU.  It was a lovely way to spend the morning!

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March Wrap-up

Our best buddies came to town for a few days.  And we spent every minute that we could with them.  We went to the museums, had playdates with other friends from Draper, ate at good restaurants and talked and talked.  We got to meet sweet baby Ellie for the first time.  It was so good.  I don’t know if I’ll ever forgive Mark for taking Alicia to DC.  I miss her always.

When I went to volunteer at Sophie’s class one day, I saw this in the window.  She copied the sign we have in our house except she put school where ours says house.  She must have given it to her teacher who then put it in the window.  She is just about the sweetest girlie ever.

Jack and Sophie each played a round of indoor soccer during the month of March.  Jack moved to the big courts and it was a lot of fun to watch him.  Sophie enjoyed her first time and was even on the same team as her best friend Harvey.  I failed to take any action shots but at least we have a few pictures of them in their uniforms.

We had a girls day at Disney on Ice with Grandma and our cousins.  It was a nice treat.  Ice skating is already amazing.  But ice skating in Disney costumes is really something to behold.  I’m not sure how they do it!

Sophie came home from school on St. Patty’s day asked for a shoebox.  The next thing I know she had created a whole leprechaun house.  Complete with rug, blanket, measuring stick on the wall, TV (an old iPod) and movie collection.  She is amazing!


We had our annual St. Patrick’s Day get together with Dan’s HS friends.  The wives decided that they should take a photo all together.  And for whatever reason it ended up being on the stairs which made it sorta seem like a prom picture.  Anyway.  Its pretty fun that this group has been friends for 25+ years.  We sure laugh and have a great time when we are all together!

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Family ski day

We really feel like we’ve arrived now that everyone can “ski” together!  We have to say ski lightly because it was Luke’s first time and he is still in the backpack & will be for the next little while.  But Sophie really took off this year and is now independent on the slopes.  And Jack is confident and working really hard on making wide S turns.  We had such a fun time.  Luke worked so hard that he even took a nap on the slopes.  That is unheard of.  We love how much the kids loved it.  And were thankful when Grandpa showed up for a couple hours to lend a hand!

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